Harbor Happenings
August 2018 Edition
Thank you!
Because of your generosity, we are able to treat 5 dogs that are heartworm positive. Three have started the treatment and the other two will soon after a couple existing conditions are cleared up. Thank you for your generosity. We have raised $5,153.
Busting at the Seams
When you love animals, it is hard to say no. Bellwether Harbor's mission is to help animals and people make a connection through education, training and adoption. When a beagle mother and box of 6 puppies are dropped in the National Forrest near the White River to fend for themselves, you can't say no. With these dogs, we are at the highest animal count this year. The good news is that we have four dogs scheduled for adoption in the next week to ease the crowding. We have named the momma, Venus, and all the puppies are planets like Saturn, Mars, Jupiter...well you get the picture...
Fill out an application today and be ready to give one a forever home in a couple of weeks.
Bellwether Volunteers are the BEST!
Volunteers are the backbone of Bellwether Harbor. We couldn't do what we do with out their help and willingness to lend a hand. We are currently in need of volunteers:
  • On Mondays. This is the day of the week we clean everything from top to bottom including bedding.
  • Run Forrest Run to help plan next year's race. Any runners who want to help determine a new course?
  • Cat lovers - to interact with various cats
  • Dog lovers - to take dogs for walks, to sit with dogs undergoing treatments to keep them quiet or work with the in the training room.
As little as two or three hours a week of your time makes a huge difference!
If you would like to volunteer, you can stop into the shelter during our open hours and fill out an application. Applications for volunteering are also available online. Click here for online application . Volunteers must be 15 years of age and are required to attend an orientation which will acquaint you with the shelter, our policies and procedures.
Spotlight on 3 Special Cats
Gilbert has always been with Ginny from the day he came to Bellwether, then was adopted with her and then returned to shelter with her. Now Ginny is being adopted and we'd like Gilbert to find his own forever family! Won't you keep him from being lonely?
Arwen has toughed it out plenty and is now ready to be the center of attention. Arwen was found nearly frozen to death and her ear still shows some of the damage. That hasn't stopped her from wanting attention. She loves dogs but not fond of other cats.
Primrose is a unique beauty that likes to observe the world from a warm lap. She was sickly when she arrived and has a polyp in her ear canal that has regrown and may require special treatment in the future. She would be a great cat for an older family.
Gilbert, Arwen & Primrose Seek Special Home
Hilites International Supports Bellwether
We are blown away by the generosity of the employees at Hilite International in Whitehall. For the second quarter of 2018, the community involvement team conducted fund raisers with $2,000 in proceeds donated to Bellwether Harbor to help the abused, abandoned and neglected dogs and cats at the shelter. Employees also donated cat and dog toys, food and treats. Thank you!
Adoption Prices to Increase
Bellwether Harbor is changing its adoption fee schedule starting Sept. 1 to more accurately reflect costs associated with each animal.
Puppies (Less than 6 months old)       $195
Adults (6 months to less than 7 years)  $175
Senior dogs (7 years and older)       $150
Cats/Kittens (Less than 7 years old) $85
Senior Cats (Older than 7)              $75
 Visit  Bellwether Harbor  to learn more about each animal. 
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