"Be realistic.
Plan for a miracle." 

My chocolate lab Belle's toy chest is full.


And yet Saturday was her birthday.

(I won't say which one because a gentlemen never discusses a lady's age).

Although I'm decorating my apartment with red balloons (her favorite color)

And inviting about 100 of her closest friends over...

  for Bacon Cupcakes (naturally)...


This year, instead of more chew toys, I'm suggesting that people donate to PUPPIES BEHIND BARS, Belle's favorite pet charity.

This organization is really "on brand" for Belle (and for me).

And not just because it involves her awesome breed (Labrador Retriever).

Much more importantly, it's because Puppies Behind Bars creates an incredibly SYNERGISTIC COMMUNITY, one that's so much stronger because of the interconnections.

You see, prison inmates are given puppies and shown how to train them as service dogs who will eventual go to wounded war veterans.  

(There's an inspiring video about it on my website HERE ).

The prisoners get a sense of purpose and often the first real healthy emotional connection in their lives.

The veterans get an incredible companion, one who often allows them to return to a healed life.

And the puppies...

Well, anyone who's ever had a Lab knows just how much they love to bond with their families and serve however they can.

In short,

Everybody Wins.

What really inspires me is that everyone involved is being transformed through their CONNECTED EXPERIENCE--prisoners, vets, and puppies.

It's SYNERGY that makes everything exponentially more powerful.

That's why I'm so excited to announce my version of this concept, the Power of Tribe,  in an absolutely FREE call this Thursday.


You'll have to listen to hear Steps #1 and #2...

(You can sign-up HERE)

but I'll give you hint about Step #3.

It's about the power of CONNECTION.

My business partner Stefan Whitwell and I will share how finding your Tribe can transform everything.

When it comes to real success, no one does it alone.

Every master out there, be they an athlete, a musician or a CEO, gets some kind of coaching along the way.

They surround themselves with smart, like-minded people.

And they commit to an ongoing quest for Mastery.

The results of this kind of synergy can exceed our greatest expectations.

And sometimes, as with Puppies Behind Bars, they can truly create UNEXPECTED MIRACLES.

Find yours HERE .

Namaste for Now,


P.S.   Again--I'd love to have you on the call this Thursday.  

It's FREE (and while there will be a recording, there will be some special "live" moments).

Your Money Miracle might just be waiting for you to say "YES" right HERE.


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