Join us for a fur-baby shower!
Thursday, May 25 | 4-7 PM
Don't Stress Meowt Cat Cafe
1900 Linwood Blvd., Suite 300 | Oklahoma City, OK 73106
Every spring, we see an influx of neonate kittens and puppies (under 6 weeks of age) come into our program, and we need your help to stock up on supplies for all the new tiny babies in our care. Neonates are an extremely vulnerable animal population, and require specialized care and supplies to help them thrive. From puppy & kitten formula to bottles to heating pads, our supplies are dwindling…can you bring our newest arrivals a baby shower gift? You can shop our shower registry or make a monetary donation at the links below.
We’ll even bring some wee babies in an incubator to the shower!
Check out OKC's new cat cafe!
We know all of our animal-loving supporters are eager to check out OKC’s brand new Cat Cafe, so we are thrilled to have Don't Stress Meowt host our shower. They are even donating $1 from every beverage sold during the event to our Neonate Program! (We recommend the “Calico Kitten”; a tasty latte with chocolate, white chocolate and caramel sauce. 😋)

PLEASE NOTE: Our shower is come-and-go in the cafe portion of the space. You can see all the lovely kitty residents of Don’t Stress Meowt from the cafe space, but if you would like to interact with them in the Cat Lounge, space is limited. You can reserve a Cat Lounge spot below.
As always, our neonate nursery appreciates your support.
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