The FAP - Friends of Autistic People will receive a donation from Punkin Patch Puppies, when you buy the puppy from them. They are a well-known breeder with a solid reputation.

Dog lovers know how important it is to get their new pure bred puppies from a breeder with a solid reputation. Punkin Patch Puppies (PPP) is such a breeder and you can look them up on their 


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Here is how it works:
Available for you to handpick in the spring of 2017 a pure bred golden retriever puppy with AKC registered parents. (Information about the parents is shown on their website).

The normal price of the puppy is $2,300 but through The FAP it will be made available for you at the special discounted price of $1,800.

Apply for the puppy through The FAP, by email.  f showing your full name,  address and telephone number. The award will be made to you on a first come first served basis provided you can assure PPP that you will offer the puppy the loving home that they will find acceptable.  (PPP will not consider your offer directly at this special price.)
If your offer is accepted and upon giving a deposit to PPP, and after the puppies are 3 weeks old, you can meet the dogs and the breeder in person in Woodbridge, Connecticut.

All dogs are raised in a tight family atmosphere with children and many other animals. They are able to enjoy family life. All puppies are whelped and raised in the home where they are given the love and undivided attention of the family.

At three weeks, you can start visiting with the puppies so you can pick your own puppy!  The pups come with age appropriate vaccines, microchip and health exam provided by the breeder's licensed and well experienced veterinarian.

When the puppies are 8 weeks old, and upon paying the breeder the balance of the price, you will take your puppy to your home.

When the transaction is complete and you have your puppy, the breeder will donate the entire purchase price to The FAP. Thus you will know that not only will you have the cutest ever puppy but you will have also helped children and young adults on the autism spectrum. This thought can warm your heart while the puppy will warm your lap.

Email your application  to .  Remember to include your full name, address and telephone number.
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