Pup Alert News
March 2nd, 2018
Guardians of XANADU FEMALES are Requested to Email Me at sheron.steele@gmail.com when your females are looking for love during the month of March. I'll only be accessible by email until the first of April.
Also, if you hope to purchase a Guardian puppy from one of XANADU'S litters, contact me by email also. NOTE: A "GUARDIAN" Puppy is our best puppy in a litter, according to XANADU'S Breeding Goals. These pups become XANADU moms and dads in coming years. If you would like to be considered for Guardianship of a future breeding pup, please contact Sheron Mariah Steele at sheron.steele@gmail.com
New Pup Clients who want a Litter Pick or Pet Home puppy, please contact Mandi at xanadupack@gmail.com
B. GOLDENDOODLE PUPPIES from SCARLET & CHASE'S Litter (See Puppy Photos and descriptions) Contact Rita Williams -- 323 496-8777 or
  ritawilliams@mac.com for more information.
C. (Smaller Adult-Sized) GOBERIAN LITTER COMING: CINNAMON & SHADOW (See Parent Photos) Pups are due NOW...
D. UPCOMING (MULTIGENERATIONAL LITTER FROM IVORY & QUANAH -- Contact: DionaMarie@gmail.com, 720-445-2681 See Parent-Dog Photos; Pups Coming NEXT Week...
E. Multigenerational mini-Doodles out of Merry & sired by Snow. (See Parent Photos) This pregnancy has not been confirmed.
F. Smaller-Standard-Sized (Adult 43-53 lb.) GOBERIAN Litter, BROUHAHA & RIO COCO (See Parent Photos) Pregnancy not yet confirmed.
A. AVAILABLE ADULT GOBERIANS GUARDIAN HOMES NEEDED for GOBERIANS RAVEN & MUSE. Two big, young, beautiful Tri-Color Guardian Females need new Guardian Homes. Both Raven & Muse are out of XANADU'S (golden-red) Ginger and are sired by network breeder's silver, traditionally-marked AKC Siberian stud, NANUK. Raven & Muse (Photos 1 & 2) would enjoy having families with children, other animals -- cats and / or dogs, and daytime attention. Both females are considered "woolies" (longer coated). Raven has two blue eyes; Muse has one. Guardian situations with a stay-at-home / work-from-home person is preferred; these big girls want to be part of active families; they would also thrive in a daytime Doggie DayCare situation while Guardian is at work. Price for each female is NEGOTIABLE. It is so rare that XANADU has an adult Guardian available.
Both of these females can be bred this 2018 season for their first and only litters, but we can postpone breeding, if needed. After this one litter, these females can be spayed; their breeding agreement completed.
DOB Jan. 17
Going to New Homes in Mid-March
Please contact Rita for information about each puppy and for pricing: 323 496-8777 or ritawilliams@mac.com
Photos of SCARLET & CHASE'S BIG new family are included in this newsletter along with pup descriptions. Your new Goldendoodle puppy will be pre-spoiled, and guaranteed for Fabulous Temperaments, Sound Genetics, and Vet-Checked Health. Each pup is playful, curious, smart, beautiful, and between a medium apricot like Poppa-Chase, and red like Momma-Scarlet. We expect adult sizes between 45 and 55 pounds.  
Lucy is an indvidual! She’s the smallest of our pups, a rich brown. She is so intelligent; reminds me of her poodle mom, who is stellar. Lucy has a feathered, glossy coat. We think she’s developing tiny white highlights on her chest and head.
Mack is blond, and the curlier coat of our two boys. He has light highlights over and under eyes and on chin and lots of subtle shadings in his fur. He’s a cuddle bug!
A rugged guy with a sturdy build and soft, very wavy blond coat. Light highlights under each eye and big paws. Calm and affectionate. These shots were taken near nap time!
This girl has a thick, wavy retriever coat— red, like her red poodle mom. Ginger is one of our larger pups, and she’s just plain gorgeous, with a beautiful, expressive face. Loves to play and loves people.
Maggie, one of our larger pups, is golden-blond, with a retriever-feathery coat, thick blond eyelashes, and a tiny white patch coming in on her chin. Bold and adventurous, this girl loves to climb up and see the view from your shoulder. A great companion for hikers, bikers, and active kids.
This smart girl, medium-size for our litter, is all about exploring. “Detective Roz” is drawn to solving mysteries—always first to check out a new sound or smell—but also happy to mellow out and take a nap in your arms.  
This petite and very beautiful girl is a honey-golden goldendoodle. She’s got a lovely shy quality—but she doesn’t miss a thing. We think Betty will be a spectacular companion, whether growing up along with a young family, or hitting the road with a mature human BFF.
C. Beautiful (and smaller) GOBERIAN CINNAMON has been bred to pretty, red, mini-Golden Retriever, SHADOW . Shadow is a miniature Golden Retriever stud dog with great genetic clearances (Photos Attached). Babies are due now, and they can go to new homes during the first week of May. We expect tri-colored puppies, possibly deep apricot-to-red pups. Pups should average 38 lb - 50 lb. as adult dogs. Contact Mandi through our xanadoodle.com website contact button or write to xanadupack@gmail.com. If you are interested in a Guardian from this litter, please write to me at sheron.steele@gmail.com.
Guardian female would be $1250 with a two-litter breeding agreement
D. Beautiful XANADU Doodle, IVORY, has been bred to XANADU'S multigenerational mini-Doodle, QUANAH, for a litter arriving in April. Puppies are expected to be between 27-34 lb. as adults, and this should be an especially sweet-tempered litter. While XANADU is advertising this litter and will have a Guardian pup available for purchase, inquiries regarding other pups and pricing are directed to Ivory's owner: DionaMarie@gmail.com, 720-445-2681.
Please contact me at sheron.steele@gmail.com if you are interested in XANADU'S Guardian Puppy from this litter. $1250 with a two-litter breeding agreement
Photos of IVORY & QUANAH are attached. 
E. Multigenerational mini-DOODLES, MERRY & SNOW. (See Parent Photos) These marvelous shed-free mini-Doodles may be black or possibly white/some other color. If you have been waiting for a smaller, playful, for shed-free, for active-family lifestyle Doodle pup, this is your litter! Snow is blue-eyed...and wouldn't it be great to have some blue-eyed mini-Doodles? Brown eyes are dominant.
F. Standard-Sized (Adult 43-53 lb.) GOBERIAN Litter, BROUHAHA & RIO COCO (See Parent Photos) These puppies are expected to be tri-color and hazel-eyed - to - green-eyed, but with gene stew, you never know; we could get a blue-eyed or brown-eyed pup. Expect light-colored eyes. Brouhaha is an especially sweet, but active, family dog, a pretty tri-color, smaller Goberian girl; Rio Coco is a very handsome, lighter-colored (faint tri-color markings), GOOD, calm boy. Pups due in Mid-April and ready for new homes in June. Pregnancy is not yet confirmed.
Always my best to each of you in your search for the best dog in the world! We are pretty sure that we have your pup right here at XANADU, and puppy season is just beginning.
My very best,
Sheron Steele & Xanadu Pack o' Pups
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

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