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July 6, 2016

Red wolf pups born in May

Meet the Red Wolf Pups

We are very excited to announce the birth of a litter of red wolf pups at Wolf Haven. Red wolves are one of the most critically endangered mammals in North America and currently, there are only about 45-50 living in the wild in a designated area of Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina. Prior to their nearly complete extermination, a small population of only 14 red wolves founded the entire red wolf population that exists today! With this limited gene pool, the need to retain genetic diversity within the red wolf population is critical. At last year's annual Red Wolf Species Survival Plan (SSP) meeting, two of our wolves were recommended for breeding this spring. That's no guarantee of success, however, so we were thrilled to see the pups when they finally emerged from their den in May. Five pups were born and one of them didn't survive. The remaining family of six is doing well and will remain together for at least one year. Red wolves are found ONLY in the United States.

Pups at play
Pups at play
Two red wolves stand side-by-side
Tamaska stands with Jacob

Goodbye Jacob & Tamaska

In the ongoing cycle of life, sometimes we celebrate and sometimes we mourn. In June, we lost one of our beloved red wolf pairs, Jacob Black and Tamaska, who passed away within weeks of each other.

We pay tribute to them both.  READ TRIBUTE 

Pack in Montana
Babysitter wolf plays with pups

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