Dear Members of the Purchase Day Camp Family,

First and foremost, I hope you are all well. This pandemic and the subsequent quarantine have been weighing on all of us heavily; whether on the home front or at work. For me, the toughest part is the unknown. By nature, I am a problem solver and I am doing my best to solve the problems we confront when we attempt to open camp. I am struggling because the guidance we require is not available. We are still waiting on NY State to provide it to us.

With that said, we are still working and planning to see if we can safely open camp. In addition to the safety consideration, we are also working to ensure that camp can still be FUN! After all, isn’t that the purpose of camp? Our goal is to create a safe environment without taking the essential elements of camp out of play. We are grappling with all of this and I apologize for the delay in making a final decision.

Some parents have reached out and told me that no matter what mitigation strategies we employ, they will not be sending their children to camp this summer. Others have stated unequivocally that to the extent we can provide a safe environment, their kids can’t wait to participate. I respect both decisions. While I would never presume to tell a parent that we can keep their child 100% safe, we are preparing around the clock in an effort to provide the safest environment possible.  

We are contemplating requiring campers to attend for consecutive weeks only. That is a major change from our flexible enrollment policy but may be a necessary part of our mitigation strategy. Bus transportation is also a major question mark. We are unsure if we can establish proper social distance protocols, so busing may be eliminated this year. Those decisions are not final but are on the table.  

With that said, I am asking you to complete the survey below and let me know your current position. This is non-binding, and of course you may change your mind, but it will help guide our planning. There is also a “Comments” section where you can note any special considerations you would like us to consider.

Finally, based on the fact that we have not received firm guidance from the state and do not even know if they will allow us to open, I want you to be aware that is likely that we will push our starting date back to Monday July 6, 2020. It is possible such opening date will be pushed back even further.  

I hope to have more information for you by next Friday, June 5, 2020. If you could complete the survey below by Sunday May 31st, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your patience and understanding.