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Summer is in full swing, and we are starting to get used to our new normal as we venture out for a much needed vacation or perhaps a trip to the gym. So, I thought this was the perfect time to offer my "Liter Summer Special" where you will receive a Free Gift to take along with you.

My clients love the 33.8 fl oz Liter size container for their favorite Lotion, Gelee and Oil. With the purchase of a Liter Size in the Formula and Fragrance of your choice, you will receive as your Free Gift, a 4.0 fl oz Travel Size in the matching Formula and Fragrance. No Coupon Code is necessary and your Free Gift will be added in your order.

Please contact me if you need help, have special requests or want to place your order personally, I would love to hear from you. Or, if you prefer, order on my website.

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Unique & Beneficial Formulas

Moisturizing Body & Massage Lotion: This moisturizing and therapeutic lotion contains high levels of Vitamins E, D and A, as well as Natural Botanicals to help build the natural defenses and promote a very healthy glow.

Therapeutic Bath & Shower Gelee: Two beneficial bath and shower gelee formulas (Therapeutic and Moisturizing) were created to work perfectly with the Fragrance of your choice. Natural Botanical extracts and minerals in the formula will help leave your skin soft and supple. In the bath, a bubbling, relaxing and softening experience is created, and in the shower, a refreshing, cleansing event will be enjoyed.

Conditioning Body & Massage Oil: This much loved unique water dispersible massage oil leaves your skin naturally conditioned and satiny smooth. The finest quality natural cold-pressed oils have been blended together with Vitamin E, along with a coconut derived skin conditioner for soft-to-the-touch skin.

Body & Massage Lotion

With your purchase of a 33.8 fl oz Liter size in the Moisturizing Body & Massage Lotion for $89.50 each, you will receive, as your Free Gift, a 4.0 fl oz Travel Size in the same Fragrance and Formula in an aluminum container.

Bath & Shower Gelee

With your purchase of a 33.8 fl oz size in the Therapeutic Bath & Shower Gelee for $89.50 each, you will receive as your Free Gift, a 4.0 fl oz Travel Size in the same Fragrance and Formula in an aluminum container.

Body & Massage Oil

With your purchase of a 33.8 fl oz size in the Conditioning Body & Massage Oil for $89.50 each, you will receive as your Free Gift, a 4.0 fl oz Travel Size in the same Fragrance and Formula in an aluminum container.


Fragrance Favorites of Clients

African Frankincense: The parfum of the Gods, spicy warm and sensual with a balsamic twist of lemon. When applying, thoughts of a fragrant, spiritual ritual will come to mind.

Atlas: Fresh, fougere green blend with spicy notes of cinnamon and cardamon and touches of lavender, bergamot and jasmine. A mossy and woody dry down makes this the perfect spicy, aromatic floral blend. A favorite of the men for over 25 years. Drakkar Type.

Desert Rain & Patchouli: Desert patchouli, vanilla and woods with a touch of green, highlighted with water notes makes this special blend an afternoon and evening delight. Rich and dramatic with lots of depth, very sultry but with almost a soft whiskey dry down. Men, take notice! This could be your special signature scent.

Earth: A warm and sensual combination of white musk and earthly delights with a hint of floral accents. It is warm and sensual but at the same time devastatingly fresh and clean smelling. Both men and women find Earth arousing exciting. One musky whiff will have you coming back for more. The scent of Earth allows everyone's personality and body chemistry to come through creating a more individual and unique fragrance experience. Earth has been the signature scent of Vinci & Rakos * Who Makes Sense? for over 25 years.

Egyptian Musk: The perfect blend of very rich and very woodsy notes coupled with soft sandalwood and touches of animal magnetism. The combination is an erotic experience.

Flame: A soft and sophisticated, romantic scent with lovely green and fruity top notes and a rich floral bouquet in the heart of the composition. Dries down to a warm floral and woody blend, perfect from day to evening and very modern in its composition and delivery. Giorgio's Red Type.

Flirtatious: The perfect multi-dimensional Fragrance that is fresh and lively but also sensual in its delivery. It captures not only floral and fruity notes but adds gourmand ones to round out its unique appeal. It begins with the freshness of pink passion fruit, watermelon and mandarin with twists of hyacinth, tuberose, lily and rose rounded out with juicy sweetness of caramel, creme brulee and vanilla with perhaps some patchouli. The unique combination creates a very coquettish and flirtatious blend for the senses. Juicy Couture Type.

Flower Explosion: If you like a big burst of flowers, both fresh and sweet, with a little spice and warm & sweet gourmands, this is the Fragrance for you. This exquisite oriental floral blend begins with notes of mandarin, bergamot and green tea. The heart of the blend reflects a flower explosion with its main theme of jasmine, rose, freesia and orchids. The base of amber, patchouli and wood notes mixed with a little vanilla and praline help to make it the perfect evening Fragrance as it surrounds you in its delicious warmth. Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb Type.

French Vanilla: The original vanilla scent in the Vinci & Rakos line of Fragrances created with thoughts of sweet syrup. A luscious combination of caramel and vanilla with haunting depth and richness, and very French. Makes you think of entering a European Candy Shop and forgetting your diet. Loved by men and women for over 25 years.

Haunting Amber: If you are a lover of really deep and haunting Amber, this is the Fragrance for you. Intense and warm amber has been gently surrounded with opulent white flowers of Jasmine and just a little smooth and creamy sandalwood, which makes this blend so deep and heavy. No sweetness in this blend, just dry warmth and sensuality. This is a unisex Fragrance that can be considered strong and seductive and not for the faint of heart. Michael Kors Sexy Amber Type.

Incense Musk: Some say incense musk is an aphrodisiac to help increase and encourage love and deep passion. This sweet smelling and spicy blend will not disappoint. The combination of animal and erotic notes satisfies the senses with pleasure.

Jamaican Rain: The perfect fruity blend inspired by the lush islands highlighted with tropical notes and warm breezes. Starts off with a sweet almost apple-like inspiration and settles down to a soft, warm finish.

Kauai Rain: A deliciously light modern floral developed with Hawaiian notes of pikake and jasmine highlighted with the essences of lilies, peonies and exotic roses. Gentle, after the rain touches of musk, cedar, oakmoss and patchouli makes this the perfect exotic island combination of floral and warmth.

Maui Rain: A gentle floral bouquet created with warm tropical woods and island flowers along with Lily of the Valley and petals of rose. A touch of freshly picked orange blossoms and citrus help to create the perfect Hawaiian blend to wear from morning until deep into the night.

No. 27: This semi-floral and fresh Fragrance opens with very lively citrus notes of tangy bergamot surrounded with aromatic lavender and sweet jasmine. The ending of a warm bouquet of powdery sandalwood and earthly musk creates a very lovely and glorious blend just perfect for the daytime. Tova 9 Type.

Opulence: If you want to feel like a million dollars, this might be the opulent and brilliantly designed Fragrance for you. A very fresh, floral and seductive fruity Fragrance that begins with top notes of bitter orange, raspberry and neroli with a jolt of sweet orange blossoms that helps awaken the senses. The heart of the Fragrance peaks with subtle notes of jasmine and fresh gardenia. The dry down base of the luxurious blend offers patchouli and white honey, as amber helps to engulf and pull the beautiful composition together with its warmth and sweet seductiveness. Paco Rabanne Lady Millionaire Type.

Pink Sugar: An adult's version of a child's fantasy. This whimsical scent is full of the soft sweetness of sugar candies, cotton candy, delicious red berries, summer fruits and a touch of citrus. Combined with warm vanilla, powdery musky notes and perhaps a touch to caramel to create a very sensual but playful scent.

Radiance: A fresh and floral combination of spring flowers and radiant bouquet with a hint of powdery notes. It sparkles with its classic femininity and romance. Developed as a truly modern and spirited blend of flowers with thoughts of fashionable Paris swirling in your head. A client favorite for over 25 years. Paris Type.

Rose Petals: For the person who loves roses and more roses. A very innocent and warm sparkling blend of vibrant and enchanting roses with a twist of passion. The top is all roses but settles down to a soft, romantic blend. A client favorite for over 25 years.

Sheer Jasmine: Jasmine has always been considered the king of flowers and a favorite of perfumers. A fresh, floral, honey-like sweet scent with a fruity-herb like undertone. Its aroma can be intense so Sheer Jasmine was created to be lighter in its delivery and elegance.

Sheer Vanilla: More of a basic Vanilla - not sweet, more woody - and sheer in feeling and scent without any other predominant notes added, however, the blend has lots of depth and lasting power. Many clients wanted a Sheer Vanilla they could wear alone or add over or under other scents, similar to the way "Earth Parfum" clients use Earth, alone or as a base. Sheer Vanilla is a necessity on everyone's fragrance list, both men and women.

Spring Bouquet: Beautiful femininity, gentleness and romantic love created with lush florals of lilac, violet and tuberose and spirited fruity notes of orange blossom and citrus. Warmed with powdery, woody notes of sandalwood, musk and vanilla to create a breathless, floral experience. Estee Lauder Beautiful Type.

Sweet Patchouli: Patchouli oil comes from a plant and has a sultry-earthly-woody sometimes dry and a little spicy heady aroma. All patchouli lovers know that the scent has a very identifiable fragrance character. Sweet Patchouli has been brightened and sweetened to create a more uplifting and softer blend.

Tobacco & Whiskey: A very woody and spicy unisex Fragrance that captures the rich qualities of warm notes that make you think of gently cut tobacco leaves with hints of oak barrel whiskey. It's smoky and spicy-filled tobacco appeal is highlighted with soft sandalwood and rough notes of patchouli while the grain-based spirit of whiskey shines through the blend. You can pick-up notes of cinnamon, coriander and perhaps even a little cedar and vanilla. Tom Ford Tobacco Oud Type.

Triumph: An exciting floral ambery bouquet. A very sophisticated blend just perfect for the office suite or an early dinner party. Starts off with a fruity blend of plum and pineapple and turns into an exotic floral with notes of tuberose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose and carnation. The base notes make it a beautiful and sweet powdery blend. Tiffany Type.

White Embrace: A classic and timeless French inspired blend dominated with tuberose and highlighted with notes of gardenia, jasmine, lily, rose and lilac. Finishes with a smooth, powdery and captivating base to help embrace your being. White shoulders Type.

(Descriptions of all 200+ Fragrances)

Parfum Sample Program
The Vinci & Rakos Parfum Sample Program is the perfect way to liven up your family time while home. Choose 7 Parfums from over 200+ for men and women and guess which Fragrance is perfect for which person. Add to Cart

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The "Liter Summer Special" expires on Thursday, July29, 2021 at Midnight and is not valid with any other specials/offers. No Coupon Code is necessary. Your Free Gift of a matching Travel Size will be added in your order when shipped.

NOTE: Limit of two Specials per Formula per client.

Substitutions might be necessary due to availability of fragrances, items, packaging and colors. You will be informed beforehand if any changes are necessary. Please call if you have special requests or questions. My direct number is (760) 898-9228. Sincerely & Be Safe, Dolores
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