Welcome from Dean Phillips

Dear Parents and Families, 
It is with great pleasure that we launch a new academic year at Purdue. Here at the Purdue Honors College, we are welcoming 755 freshmen, a record-breaking number, to join us for invigorating learning adventures. The Honors College is built on four foundational aspects, or "pillars":  interdisciplinary academics; community and global engagement; leadership development; and undergraduate research. All of these combine to support your student's educational journey.

Your student will have numerous opportunities to engage with faculty, staff, and their peers to develop as scholars. As we transition into the new year, we are providing programs and connections to help your student adjust to their new environment here at Purdue. Our honors first-year seminars will be held in the new Honors College and Residences complex, just opened. We have state-of-the-art learning studios, using the "flipped classroom" and high-impact configuration to encourage more in-depth interaction among students and their professors. Our STEAM lab will be used as "maker space," for exploring and building out ideas. Soon, the Spark Lab at the Innovation Forum will open, showcasing student research from across areas of study and will include an interactive, programmable floor. This building is open to all honors students for their use and to encourage interaction in the honors community. Our first-year engineering honors courses will be held in a state-of-the-art space in Shreve Hall, recently renovated last year to serve as a interactive classroom. We also have additional meeting space for student leadership activities in historic Duhme Hall (where Amelia Earhart was in residence as a researcher and advisor in the 1930s) as well as our media/communications center. It's a new era for our college, progressing to an even higher level of excellence for supporting student success! 
We invite you to campus for Purdue Family Weekend, to explore our college and see how your student is settling into a new routine in their academic home.  On September 23rd, we will hold an event for parents and families from  4-6 p.m. in Honors Hall in the Honors College and Residences. I invite you to join us for what promises to be an exciting time. 
Rhonda Phillips 
Fall Semester Events

Honors Orientation, Sunday, Aug. 21st
All first-year Honors College students are welcomed into the community during Orientation! They are introduced to  faculty and staff of our college, compete in a t-shirt design contest, and receive tips for success in a wide range of topics. Honors Orientation groups are split up by "House" and smaller rotation groups within each "House" are led by Honors College student leaders. We look forward to connecting with all of our incoming new students!

Upperclassmen Welcome Back Events
New to the back-to-school schedule will be events specifically designed for students of each class year . These are events created by the Honors Advisors to address experiences and opportunities pertinent to the students at this stage of their education.
  • Sophomores, Tuesday, Aug. 23rd: An internship panel featuring Honors College students with internship experience
  • Juniors, Friday, Aug. 26th: A discussion with Dr. Kristina Bross on research projects and how to seek out those opportunities
  • Seniors, Thursday, Sept. 1st: A visit with Dean Phillips about finishing their undergraduate education as Honors Completers
Purdue Family Weekend & Honors College Open House, Sept. 23rd-25th
You are invited to join the Honors College and the rest of the Purdue community for Family Weekend! The Honors College will kickoff the weekend with an Open House in the Honors Hall of the brand new Honors College and Residences on Friday, from 4-6 p.m. There will be refreshments, tours of the building, and great opportunities to meet faculty, staff, students, and other families. Purdue has planned an excellent schedule of events which you can learn more about in the link below. We look forward to seeing you there!
The Evolution of an Idea
Every first-year Purdue Honors College student will take a seminar called  HONR 19901: The Evolution of Ideas.  This 8-week course offers honors students an introduction to critical thinking, cultural critique, and the history of ideas. Each section of the course focuses on a single "idea" that is significant for modern life. The course meets twice a week: first in a small lecture led by an Honors College faculty member; and then in "Idea Lab," where first-year students work in small teams with an Honors College undergraduate mentor. 

There are 11 different themes: Borders, Food, Genes, Identity, Knowledge, Loss, Monsters, Play, Photography, Slang, and Terrorism. Next time you speak with your student, ask him/her to enlighten you on the unique evolution of their selected theme!
What is Honors Advising?
Honors Advisors guide high-ability students in developing an enriched plan of study which incorporates the Honors College curriculum and other academic opportunities. Honors advising empowers students to be transformative scholars and leaders in their communities.

As a result of honors advising appointments, students will be able to -
  • Articulate individual progress towards completion of the Honors College curriculum
  • Create a future plan which includes honors coursework and an individualized pathway to complete a scholarly project
  • Articulate multiple, unique ways that the Honors College experience creates opportunities to become a well-rounded, well-educated scholar

Learn more about Honors Advising here 

We hope you enjoy reading the newsletter and learning more about the Honors College student experience. If you have questions please contact: honorscollege@purdue.edu

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