Purdue Wine Grape Team Newsletter

Dear Indiana Winemakers
The Purdue Wine Grape Team is in the midst of finalizing the program for the  2016 HortCongress , our main winter Extension event for Indiana winegrowers and vintners.  Designed with industry input, it will feature a comprehensive variety of both highly educational and entertaining sessions that are relevant to the economic success of our wineries.
One of these sessions will evolve around residual sugar and sweetness, as Indiana has been a trailblazer in the popularizing of premium sweet wines, both white and red.  We will discuss topics that range from the creation of great wine balance, fermentation techniques, to proper calculations, measurements and additions, assurance of wine stability post-bottling, as well as consumer education and on-label sweetness scales with success stories from other states.
If you are interested in some of the principles of making wines with lots of RS, check out my latest lecture in Food Science 506 Commercial Grape and Wine Production:
Enology 2b:  Dessert Wine Making

Christian Butzke
Professor of Enology  

Jeanette Merritt
Christian Butzke

Jill Blume

Bruce Bordelon