Purdue Wine Grape Team Newsletter

Dear Indiana Winemakers,
Every month, the Purdue Wine Grape Team learns of people who are interested in starting a winery.  It's so exciting to see continued growth in the industry!!  One of the questions I am always asked is about how new wineries go about getting their wine labels approved.  I've heard many times that the process can be daunting!

I wanted to share a quick piece of information I read in WineAmerica's newsletter.  This may benefit some of you.

WineAmerica provides assistance with label approvals and general regulatory questions relevant to the wine industry.

The following services offered to members:
  • Answers to regulatory and technical questions
  • Label review prior to online submission to the TTB
  • Liaison between TTB and winery members with labeling and other regulatory issues
  • Submission of paper applications (WineAmerica strongly suggests using COLA's Online for COLA submittal)
  • Assistance with COLA's Online signup
  • Paper Submittal Process
When labels arrive, they are checked for technical mistakes and possible problems before being relayed to the TTB within 24 hours.  If approved, the TTB will email you directly with an electronic copy of your approved COLA. Paper copies are no longer supplied by the TTB after the label has been reviewed.

If your COLA application was rejected the TTB will email you with a copy of the rejected COLA and what needs to be changed.

For more information or COLA information  contact Michael Kaiser at WineAmerica: mkaiser@wineamerica.org.

This link takes you to a sheet that explains more about the label approval.

Kathleen Oliver, Oliver Winery, has been a longtime board member of WineAmerica and could better explain the benefits of membership to WineAmerica.  She's told me many times it has been worth their money to join.  

I'm only offering another tool that is available!  You can direct your questions about WineAmerica to the email above or click on www.wineamerica.org

I hope your harvest is going well!  
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Jeanette Merritt
Christian Butzke

Jill Blume

Bruce Bordelon