Purdue Wine Grape Team Newsletter

Join us March 9 for a Fruit Pruning Workshop  from 1 to 4 pm at the Meigs Horticulture Research Farm in Lafayette. Our website calendar has the information you need to register. There will be demonstrations of pruning apples, peaches, brambles, and grapes.   I will be discussing management of re-trained grape vines. These are vines that were trained from the ground in 2014 following severe winter injury. The new canes were cropped at about half normal yields last year, so now it is time to establish the permanent replacement trunks. I'll demonstrate how that can be done across a range of varieties that vary in vigor.

Save the Date! 
Join us May 4 for our Purdue Wine and Grape Spring Workshop. We will hold this workshop at Holtkamp Winery and Rettig Hill Winery in Southeast Indiana. More details coming soon!

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Bruce Bordelon
Professor of Viticulture 

Christian Butzke

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Bruce Bordelon