Purdue Wine Grape Team Newsletter

Dear Indiana Winemakers
Spring is in the air, so come hang with members of the   Purdue Wine Grape Team during our upcoming Extension courses! Tomorrow afternoon, we sharpen our shears and hone our pruning techniques at the   Purdue Pruning Workshop .  The 2016 PWGT Spring Wine Grape Workshop is scheduled for May 4th, when the enologists will review different popular wine fining agents, taste treated wines, and discuss best winemaking practices with you and our hosts Holtkamp Winery and Rettig Hill Winery.  You are also invited to sit in on our Commercial Food and Beverage Fermentations  class on campus, to learn not just about wine but also the making of craft beer, cider, brandy, sauerkraut, cured meats, cheeses, soy sauce, sake, kimchi, kombucha, and balsamic vinegar, featuring guest speakers from some of Indiana's top producers, such as People's Brewing Company , Smoking Goose , and Fermenti Artisan .
Christian Butzke
Professor of Enology
Purdue students sampling their first class-made wine with delicious summer sausage a gift from Daniel's Vineyard.


Christian Butzke

Jill Blume


Bruce Bordelon