Purdue Wine Grape Team Newsletter

Dear Indiana Winemakers


Starting this August, Dr. Bordelon and I will provide you with an opportunity to listen in on our Purdue upper level class FS 506 Commercial Grape and Wine Production.  The class was designed for undergraduate seniors and graduate students who are interested in pursuing a career in the wine industry.  We are co-teaching FS 506 for the fourth time since 2010, and hope that it can also serve as a knowledge base for you, and your winery and vineyard staff.


The two-hour lectures will be narrated PowerPoint presentations using the Cisco WebEx platform.  Please see the weekly schedule of topics below.  We will send you links to the presentations as soon as we get them ready.  You will have to install a small app called Network Recording Player (for Windows or Mac) before you download the lecture videos for off-line viewing at your leisure.


On October 1st, the Purdue Wine Grape Team will hold an informal Tailgate Meeting at one of your vineyards (hosting suggestions welcome!) to answer questions and give you a chance to share your own experiences.



Christian Butzke

Professor of Enology



Food Science 506 WEEKLY CLASS SCHEDULE     Fall Semester 2015


Aug 27    Viticulture 1             Grape species and varieties, world production

Sep 03    Viticulture 2             Sustainability: site selection and varieties matching

Sep 10    Enology 1                White vs red winemaking techniques and styles

Sep 17    Viticulture 3             Integrated pest and disease ID and management

Sep 24    Viticulture 4             Vine balance and crop estimation techniques

Oct 01    Tailgate Meeting       Local vineyard TBD

Oct 08    Viticulture 5             Training systems, trellising and canopy management

Oct 15    Enology 2                Wine analyses and quality systems

Oct 22    Viticulture 6             Fruit quality assessment and harvest decisions

Oct 29    Enology 3                Sparkling and dessert winemaking

Nov 05    Enology 4                Fining, stabilization and winery sanitation

Nov 12    Viticulture 7             Grapevine pruning techniques

Nov 19    Enology 5                Oak barrels, corks and closures

Nov 26    Enology 6                Wine filtration and bottling operations

Dec 03    No Class                 Thanksgiving

Dec 10    Enology 7                Sensory evaluation



Jeanette Merritt
Christian Butzke

Jill Blume

Bruce Bordelon