Purdue Wine Grape Team Newsletter
The Best of 2015 - selected blindly out of 1720 international wines!

Dear Indiana Winemakers
The 25th INDY International Wine Competition, hosted by the Purdue Wine Grape Team, is just around the corner.  Many of our state's 90 wineries have already submitted wines, but for those that haven't there is still one month left to enter.

The INDY's main purpose is to support the growing Indiana wine industry to guarantee its continued success: 
  1. The INDY provides objective feedback on your wines against the local and national competition.  We will send judge's tasting notes back to the Indiana winemakers. 
  2. The INDY's trophies and medals are a proven way to market and promote your wines in the tasting room, through press releases, on Facebook™, Twitter™, Instagram™, or Pinterest™, and to local distributors.
  3. The INDY judging panels contain Indiana winemakers and growers, plus non-voting "Judges-in-Training".  If you (or someone from your winery) are looking for a opportunity to improve your palate, then "Judges-in-Training" will give you a chance to see and taste new winemaking trends and the competition firsthand.  Email Jill to sign-up .
4 commercial trophies especially dedicated to the wineries of Indiana:  
  1. Indiana Winery of the Year - The Governor's Cup* .  All Indiana wineries qualify.  2015 winner:   Huber's Orchard &  Winery
  2. Indiana Farm Winery of the Year*.  Indiana wineries that produce less than 50,000 gal qualify.  2015 winner: Country Heritage Winery & Vineyard
  3. Indiana Wine of the Year -- Highest vote for Indiana double-gold wines, includes all classes.  2015 winner:   Huber's Orchard &  Winery
  4. Indiana Traminette of the Year -- Highest vote for double-gold winning Traminette.  2015 winner:  French Lick Winery
*The determining formula for this trophy includes the total number of medals won, a quality point ratio based on the medals (double-gold, gold, silver, bronze) won, and the total number of wines entered.

Wishing you The Best of 2016!
Jill Blume , Executive Director                                       
Christian Butzke,  Chairman & Chief Judge               
INDY International Wine Competition

Christian Butzke

Jill Blume


Bruce Bordelon