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Confused about BPI CEU's?
Pure Energy met with AGA Managers
Do you want CEUs?
How to set an Air Sealing Goal?
COACH at ACI National Conference
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We'd like to share some exciting news with you about what's happening at Pure Energy Coach and in the Home Performance industry.  

Confused about BPI CEU's?  Worried about Re-certification?

We get many calls from BPI Certified individuals whose certification is about to expire.  They want to know if they must take more training; how to get CEU's; what benefits they get from CEU's; and how to renew their certification.

   You don't HAVE to have CEU's in order to be re-certified.  However, if you have CEU's, you may save some time and money.  Here is how it works:  Your BPI Certification is good for three years.  About 6 months prior to your certification expiration, you can begin the process of becoming re-certified.  If you have less than 10 CEU's, you must take the 100 question written (on-line) exam and the field exam and pass both.  If you have 10 to 29 CEU's, you only have to take the 50 question written exam and the field exam and pass both.  If you have 30 or more CEU's, all you have to do is take and pass the field exam.  So, the best you can do is save yourself from taking the written exam.

Regarding training:  There is no requirement for you to be re-trained in order to be re-certified.  However, if you aren't ready for the exams, it would be a good idea to take a refresher course. 
Pure Energy offers Standards Review training, typically one day, where you can brush up on the BPI Standards and testing protocols.  If you need more than one day, Pure Energy offers two and five day training sessions as well.  We want you to be ready for your exams and will support you any way we can.

Pure Energy Met With Important Managers at AGA in Washington DC!

On March 21, 2012, A. Tamasin Sterner, President of Pure Energy Coach, and Larry D. Armanda, President of Therma-View Infrared and Energy Consultants met with key managers from the American Gas Association (AGA), US Department of Energy, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), the Alliance to Save Energy, the Air Conditioner Contractors of America (ACCA), and South Jersey Gas Company to present Building Science for Managers. 

The goal was to demonstrate how unbalanced room and house pressures can cause major problems for buildings, occupants, and combustion appliances.  Our hope was to unify standards and procedures, and influence smart and safe testing protocols nationally.

Do you want Continuing Education Units (CEU's)?


Pure Energy offers many courses and presentations that include CEU's.  See our course list on our website, www.PureEnergyCoach.com.


If your group wants a private training session, contact us.  If you get 6-10 people together, we'd be happy to hold a training session at your site, with our without COACH.





Building Tightness Limits (BTL); Minimum Ventilation Guidelines (MVG); Building Airflow Standards (BAS)... Are you confused about how to set an air sealing goal?


YouTube Video 

For those of you who are BPI Certified, you remember learning how to calculate the Building Airflow Standard by using ASHRAE 62.89, where you calculate a CFM50 goal based on the building's volume and the number of occupants.  If the building is air sealed below 70% of that calculated CFM50, mechanical ventilation is required to be installed.


For those of you who work in WAP, you are now required to use ASHRAE 62.2-2010 as your guide to mechanical ventilation requirements.

Even though BPI's Building Analyst Standards still uses ASHRAE 62.89, the proposed new BPI BA Standards will likely use ASHRAE 62.2-2010 so WAP and other technicians will be following the same standards. 


We (and BPI) recommend those trained in using ASHRAE 62.89 be re-trained to be able to use ASHRAE 62.2-2010 in order to be prepared for all situations.  Being trained in both, you will still use ASHRAE 62.89 for your BPI exams, but you'll be prepared to also use the other ASHRAE standard. 


Pure Energy offers a course called Moisture and Mechanical Ventilation:  ASHRAE 62.2-2010.  The next course is later this month:  April 30 and May 1st.  Hope to see you!

COACH Was a Huge Hit at ACI in Baltimore!

Pure Energy partnered with Therma-View Infrared and Energy Consultants to offer training on: Combustion Testing, Gas Furnace Evolution and Parts, Air Leakage Testing, including Zone Testing, Exhaust Fan Flow Measurement, Oil Burner Comparision, Thermal Imaging, and BPI Field Exam Practice at the ACI Conference in Baltimore late March.

Amy Fazio, ACI Executive Director states "COACH was a big hit indeed!  You must be proud!".  We are.





How to Choose a Training Provider
Good managers want their contractors to be well trained.  Well trained contractors lessens the chance that something bad will happen such as an installation failure, a call back, or someone getting hurt or worse. 
It takes a special person to work in the home performance industry.  Read an article by A. Tamasin Sterner to learn more.
CO Air Free?  CO?  What Number on my Combustion Analyzer do I Record?

Read a letter from A. Tamasin Sterner to Paul Raymer in response to his recent article in Home Energy Magazine.

Pure Energy's 2012 Courses
Available for Registration Now!
Get started on a new career or grow in your current career!  Get BPI CEU's!

ASHRAE 62.2-2010, IRC 09 Air Leakage Testing, Combustion Equipment and Testing, and more.


Practical, hands-on teachingPure Energy Coach continues to deliver its continuing education programs at its Lancaster Training and Test Center. Our course leaders' deep and pragmatic knowledge, coupled with hands-on and individually attentive delivery of training, means you get the most comprehensive and practical professional training in the industry - which will help you get a good job, keep your current job, or advance in the field.


Furnace GuyPure Energy's course schedule, as usual, includes timely courses for technicians working in the HVAC, Home Performance, Retrofit, Weatherization, Building, Real Estate, Codes, and Energy Auditing industries, as well as others who want or need to understand how buildings work. Mark your calendar and check out our courses web page for details and course registration. Call now to book for spring and summer.


If you have any questions about Pure Energy Coach or are interested in any of our courses, please call us at 717-293-8990 or email us at info@PureEnergyCoach.com.




A. Tamasin Sterner, Chief Coach
A. Tamasin Sterner

President and Chief Coach
Pure Energy Coach LLC