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A Personal Story
Women's Energy Auditing Course
Current State of the Home Performance Industry
Free Whitepaper: Setting Air Sealing Goals - Guidance
The Climate Reality Project
First Energy is Proactive
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We'd like to share some exciting news with you about what's happening at Pure Energy and The Pure Energy Center, and in the Home Performance industry.  

A Personal Story

Christine Grandle 

"Become effectively informed and intimate with your home... test it, or have it tested"

A Personal Story
Read one mother's story about how she changed her living space once she learned how her house was impacting her daughter's health... and what she did to make her house a healthy home.


Reminder: The Pure Energy Center will hold its Women's Energy Auditing course in October

Women's course

Pure Energy will offer a new course just for women at its Montana retreat-style training site, The Pure Energy Center. The Women's Energy Auditing course will teach the fundamentals of holistic building science to show how energy gain and loss actually works in a home, as well as what people can do to make this knowledge work for them.
"There are few women in the Home Performance field," explains A. Tamasin Sterner, President and Chief Coach of Pure Energy Coach. "Our purpose to help women get started in this rapidly growing field - and to create jobs in Montana. It's a win-win-a win for attendees, and a win for their customers and clients, too."

Learn more and register...


Free Download: Current State of the Home Performance Industry

A. Tamasin Sterner

Energy Retrofitters Work PyramidIf you would appreciate a summary of what is happening in the Weatherization and Home Performance Industry these days, take a look at this presentation. We hope it will ease your confusion and assist you in understanding current issues in this industry.



Free Whitepaper: Setting Air Sealing Goals - Guidance 

Pure Energy Quality Assurance


InsulationThe purpose of this document is to assist Program Administrators in deciding how to guide their contractors toward doing only good work - and doing no harm in client's homes. Many want to know, "Why do we do so many tests in homes?"
Video: The Climate Reality Project

Show the World What Can Change in a Day

Climate Reality ProjectOn September 14, in a 24-hour event spanning the globe, a brand-new organization will bring the facts about the climate crisis into the mainstream by engaging everyone in a conversation about how to solve it.


A Note from A. Tamasin Sterner

First Energy Management is Proactive

A. Tamasin SternerFirst Energy has always been a leader in educating employees on field issues. An example of how First Energy's energy efficiency program managers support their contractors and administrative staff: They have hired Pure Energy Coach to teach building science to their program managers. The benefits include ...

If you have any questions about Pure Energy or are interested in any of our courses, please call us at 717-293-8990 or email us at info@PureEnergyCoach.com.




A. Tamasin Sterner, Chief Coach
A. Tamasin Sterner

President and Chief Coach
Pure Energy Coach LLC