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BPI Exam Opportunities - Are You Camera Shy?
PE Trains 60 Contractors in Connecticut
COACH to be at ACI in NY and MD
Energy-Smart Homes
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We'd like to share some exciting news with you about what's happening at Pure Energy and The Pure Energy Center and in the Home Performance industry.  

BPI Exam Opportunities - Are You Camera Shy? 

Take your certification exams or re-certification exams before BPI requires video and audio recording and before the prices go up!


BPI TestingStarting February 2012, BPI is requiring that all certification exams be video and audio recorded. Because so many people are camera shy, we are offering testing opportunities before BPI's new rules go into effect.


Pure Energy is offering BPI Building Analyst, Envelope Professional, Multi-Family, and Heating Professional Certification Testing in the first week of January 2012.

Space is limited.  Pre-registration and pre-payment is required, so act now!


Pure Energy Coach Completes Co-training of 60 Contractors in CT

Connecticut TraineesA. Tamasin Sterner worked with Larry D. Armanda from Therma-View Infrared and Energy Consultants to complete training 60 ARRA and WAP contractors in CT on duct testing, including the use of a Duct Blaster, as well as advanced zone pressure diagnostics including series leakage tests. Not only did students learn how to detect air leaks but also how to "size" the hole, measure it in CFM's, and decide if the holes are worth sealing. 

Of course, sealing the attics from the living spaces remains the highest priority for so many important reasons - and these talented contractors saw why this is so.  And, they learned the impact of duct leakage on atmospheric draft combustion appliances.  Not only does this knowlege and skill save energy and keep houses from falling down, it saves lives.

COACH to be at ACI in NY and MD

COACH GraphicsPure Energy is proud and excited to offer COACH at both ACI conferences in 2012! For hands-on experience and training on: Thermal Imaging, Combustion Testing, Gas Furnace Evolution and Parts, Air Leakage Testing, including Zone Testing, Exhaust Fan Flow Measurement, Oil Burner Comparision, and BPI Field Exam Practice.


ACI sees the value of Hands-On and On-Site coaching and mentoring for technicians. Go to AffordableComfort.org for more information.

Best of Fine Homebuilding: Energy-Smart Homes

Pure Energy Coach is Featured Among the Best of 2011

Best of Fine Homebuilding: Energy-Smart Homes 
Pure Energy's co-written article "Testing and Sealing Ductwork" is featured in Fine Homebuilding's new special issue. Fourth in this popular series, this softcover magazine brings you all the most recent energy-conservation articles from Fine Homebuilding magazine plus two all-new articles: "A Buyer's Guide to Insulation" and "25 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Smart."
If you have any questions about Pure Energy or are interested in any of our courses, please call us at 717-293-8990 or email us at info@PureEnergyCoach.com.




A. Tamasin Sterner, Chief Coach
A. Tamasin Sterner

President and Chief Coach
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