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Quality Workforce. Quality Assured.
BPI Test Center Status
BPI Helping Veterans
Building Analyst Training and Testing
COACH at ACI Conference in NY
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We'd like to share some exciting news with you about what's happening at Pure Energy Coach and The Pure Energy Center and in the Home Performance industry.  

Quality Workforce. Quality Assured.

A Note from A. Tamasin Sterner

A. Tamasin Sterner, Chief CoachIn 2011, Pure Energy Coach assisted 10 utilities in improving the quality of the work done on their customer's homes through utility low income weatherization, conservation, and efficiency programs. We inspected over 4,000 homes in 2011 and performed careful and detailed third-party reviews of 14 home performance contractors.
Proper CO testing
Proper location for CO testing
It is probably not news, but we are discovering serious health and safety problems in this nation's low income housing stock. About 80% of the homes we inspect have reportable gas leaks. We also find gas and oil heating and water heating systems backdrafting, sometimes leaking carbon monoxide (CO) into the air that people breathe.
We are working diligently to influence action to fix these serious problems. Please visit our Safe Air At Home website to learn more about our work to guarantee safe air in homes.

BPI Test Center Status


BPI TestingPure Energy Coach LLC continues to offer Building Science training to those interested. Our training can lead to BPI Certification. We can and do give BPI exams. BPI is the nation's premier building performance credentialing, quality assurance and national standards setting organization. Getting certified can help you start or advance your career!


Please visit our Courses web page for more information.


BPI Helping Veterans Receive GI Bill Reimbursement for BPI Testing and Certification
BPI Veterans ProgramBuilding Performance Institute (BPI) is working to help veterans receive GI Bill reimbursement for the costs of BPI testing and certification. BPI is providing logistical assistance to help veterans through the reimbursement process. Testing and certification costs for BPI certifications can be covered by the GI Bill in the VA's Eastern Region, and soon will be nationally available.
Pure Energy Coach Offers Building Analyst Training March 12-16

Field testing - blower door setupPure Energy Coach will offer Training and Testing in Support of BPI Building Analyst Professional Certification March 12-16 at our Lancaster, PA training center. This four-day course incorporates classroom lectures, as well as demonstrations with an emphasis on student interaction during lab exercises. One day of optional testing follows the course.

If you are employed in Berks or Lancaster Counties, you may apply for a $1,575 scholarship through the Berks-Lancaster Energy Partnership grant.


Learn more and register 


COACH at ACI EnergyStar Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY on February 8-9, 2012

COACH at ACI 2012 New YorkFor the first time at an ACI Conference, COACH, our repurposed motor home, was prominently featured! We are thrilled to be able to share COACH. COACH is a mobile training and testing lab that allows hands-on and on-site technical training opportunities for technicians who are responsible for assuring the health and safety of the people whose homes they work.


Pure Energy is proud to offer training on: Thermal Imaging, Combustion Testing, Gas Furnace Evolution and Parts, Air Leakage Testing, including Zone Testing, Exhaust Fan Flow Measurement, Oil Burner Comparision, and BPI Field Exam Practice.



If you have any questions about Pure Energy Coach or are interested in any of our courses, please call us at 717-293-8990 or email us at info@PureEnergyCoach.com.




A. Tamasin Sterner, Chief Coach
A. Tamasin Sterner

President and Chief Coach
Pure Energy Coach LLC