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Through this newsletter, our team is establishing strategic partnerships with like-minded investors.  We are systematically finding, evaluating and acquiring income producing real estate that are beneficial to our investors. To produce maximum cash flows and future profit, we only buy in emerging marketplaces, follow strict market cycle criteria and support each opportunity with multiple exit strategies. The income from these investments is forever changing our lives and solidifying a secure financial retirement.


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Real Estate is a Necessity

While Andrew Carnegie famously said that "90% of millionaires made it through real estate" I would venture to say that 99.9% of billionaires have Real Estate in their wealth portfolio.




Real estate is a necessity. From a traditional sense of basic human needs, everyone needs shelter. With real estate you can own, rent, lease, build, store, etc. There are many options.  Beyond basic need for shelter, real estate is a necessity for true wealth.


Right now is one of the best opportunities to snap up real estate both because of the reduced costs and because of real estate's potential upside. Despite more stringent lending practices, you are probably not going to see opportunities like these for a long time.


First, the price for real estate on the open market has fallen since the recession started in 2007 and we have yet to bounce back. As with every other thing sold on the open market, the price of real estate is determined by supply and demand.  Falling demand for real estate during the recession combined with a glut of real estate entering the open market from foreclosures resulted in rock bottom real estate prices. Since the economic recovery has yet to finish and the housing market remains sluggish, real estate prices remain at historic depths for the moment.


Because the current economy is hovering at historic lows, it is reasonable to conclude that the price of real estate will rise again at some point in the future. Based on this assumption, if you buy real estate right now, you are likely to experience future gains from the increase in the value of your real estate on the open market.


Furthermore, the cost of borrowing money is unusually low at the moment. Since most of us purchase real estate using a combination of personal resources and borrowed money, this is a significant factor in the true cost of buying real estate.


Adams Investor Group targets single family homes and multi unit apartment buildings across the US. Each property is carefully selected following a conservative investment strategy. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Adams Investor Group today!



Whether you invest with me or on your own, NOW, more than ever IS THE TIME to be buying real estate especially single family homes and apartment units!!  These unique market conditions make investing an absolute necessity for building your wealth portfolio.

Update About Brian Adams

BKA Photo  

You are probably aware that I am a founding member of Adams Investor Group, LLC a company dedicated to creating wealth for others so that our clients make safe and consistent profits. I am also a practicing certified public accountant (CPA) with a background in real estate taxation and forensic accounting.


I used to work as a CPA at one of the top 100 law firms in the world.  Last year I left my job to focus all my energy on my real estate business. Just imagine what would be the thing that would push me to quit my job.


In this current economy, everyone would kill to get into my shoes and have my career!


There are amazing deals right now, but this buying spree, coupled with low mortgage rates, won't be around forever.  More importantly I felt a need to assist my clients in creating wealth by using real estate as a primary investment vehicle.  With the banks paying us less than 1% on our hard earned money and inflation just shy of 2%, everyday we keep the money in the bank we are losing our purchasing power.


There is a better way to make money in this current economy.


My team is currently under contract on a Class A multifamily deal worth over $10 million and also flipping about 6 single family homes a month across the county.


If you want to start receiving information about the types of deals I am working on, simply click this link to Register.

Preserving Your Wealth

Protecting Your Assets During Uncertain Economic Times  


Given the detrimental effects of the last recession on the assets of the general populace, it should come as no surprise that people are looking to the future with trepidation. The European Union struggles to manage debt and sluggish is perhaps too optimistic a term to describe the American recovery. No wonder people are beginning to take steps to protect the value of their assets from the possible effects of a double-dip recession.


Here are some methods that you can take to protect your assets:


* Although hedging might sound like something that belongs solely in the realm of investors, it is simply the concept of holding specific financial positions in order to counter the effects of certain potential outcomes. For example, you might sink your wealth into counter-cyclical assets such as gold and other precious metals if you want your wealth to survive the effects of a recession. Counter-cyclical means that the asset's value tends to move in the opposite direction of the general economy as a whole. If the economy falls into recession and your assets begin falling in value, then the corresponding rise in the value of your counter-cyclical assets should make up for that fall.


* Real estate is another investment that can be used to protect your wealth during a recession. It might seem strange considering that real estate prices tend to fall during bad economic times, but that simply means that you'll be able to snap up properties lower than normal prices and then resell them once real estate prices begin picking up again. Similarly, rental properties are an excellent way to earn income during a recession because the demand for rented housing options go up as the willingness of people to buy real estate goes down.


* Ultimately, your best defense against recession is to pay attention to ongoing economic trends and listen to what the people around you are saying. If you notice the economy slipping into recession and/or your assets falling in value, take proactive steps to cut your losses instead of letting them linger and slip further in value.



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So far 90% of survey respondents have shared they are looking for better investment options. Are you satisified with your current investment options? Complete Survey


Interested in learning more about the types of deals I am working on, simply click this link to Register.


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