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Oceanside’s NEW Source of Water
Pure Water Oceanside will purify recycled water to create a new, local
source of high-quality drinking water that is clean, safe, drought-proof
and environmentally sound. The project will produce enough water to
provide more than 30% of the city’s water supply.
We Appreciate Our Construction Neighbors!
Construction has impacted many residents and businesses.
If this includes you, please know the City of Oceanside appreciates your patience! Thank you for understanding the need for this project and bearing with us during these months of construction impacts. This work is temporary but the benefits will last for generations.
A New Year Calls for a New Introduction to
Pure Water Oceanside
Image of Pure Water Oceanside Benefits
Approximately 90% of our water is imported and we have no local control of this resource. Pure Water Oceanside will create 3 to 5 million gallons of drinking water each day. This is enough water to provide 32% of the City of Oceanside’s water supply. 

The water purification process uses reverse osmosis and advanced oxidation to create clean and safe drinking water. This technology removes pharmaceuticals, chemicals, hormones, microplastics and personal care products.
The project brings many other benefits! It protects sensitive ecosystems by reducing the amount of water siphoned by imported water sources. It decreases the amount of recycled water discharged into the ocean and uses half the energy needed to transport imported water which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The project is fiscally sound and the cost of this locally-created water will be cost-competitive compared to imported water.
Coco Palms Drive & Fireside Construction Update
The two injection wells on Coco Palms Dr. are complete, and the sound walls will be removed soon. The two monitoring wells planned on this road have been delayed and construction is anticipated to begin within the next two months. Sound walls will be installed prior to any 24/7 construction.
Drilling on Coco Palms Dr.
Construction on the Pure Water Oceanside pipeline on Coco Palms will continue during the monitoring well delay. Coco Palms Dr. will continue to be closed for the next few months. Understanding this road is an important pedestrian thoroughfare, the project team is exploring the option of pedestrian access.

Work on the south side of Coco Palms Dr. near the El Camino Real intersection begins this month for pipeline construction. Parking on the south side of Coco Palms Dr. will be closed during this work period and "no parking" signs will be posted.

Monitoring well work in Fireside Park will begin in early February with mostly daytime work with the possibility of some 24/7 construction for critical activities. Sound walls will be installed to reduce noise. Drilling and development is estimated to take six weeks with infrastructure work completed by spring.
The Walls Are Up!
Pure Water Oceanside Facility Update
The foundational work on the Pure Water Oceanside facility located in the San Luis Rey Water Reclamation Facility is complete. Pipeline, electrical conduits, equipment pads/pedestals and wet wells have been constructed and prefabricated walls have been installed. Installing the roof and concrete slabs to stabilize the walls are next on the schedule.

The water purification equipment including pumps, membrane filters and reverse osmosis canisters are being manufactured and delivery is anticipated between this summer and fall. More photographs to come as the facility continues to take shape!
Coming Soon - El Camino Real Recycled Water Expansion Pipeline Work
Pipeline installation work will begin soon to install recycled water pipelines under El Camino Real.

Cones will be set up in work zones to redirect traffic from closed lanes and flagger workers will help drivers safely navigate intersections. Regular working hours will be Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. with occasional work occurring on Saturdays.

Work at the Mission Ave. and El Camino Real intersection will take place at night to reduce commuter traffic impacts. Nighttime work hours will be from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Traffic delays are expected and alternative routes are suggested.
Virtual Tour of Pure Water Oceanside
Virtual Tours Coming Soon!
Pure Water Oceanside tours will resume soon as a VIRTUAL experience with a pretty cool surprise.

Stay tuned for more news about the virtual tour kickoff!
Oceanside is committed to providing high-quality drinking water to your tap each and every day for less than a penny a gallon. 

Questions about the project?
Call (760) 435-4570 or email PureWaterOceanside@oceansideca.org