East High School Is And Will Continue To Be Anti-Racist
In response to the recent events that have taken place around the murders and mistreatment of African Americans across the country:

East High School recognizes virtual efforts like Blackout Tuesday, in an attempt to reconnect with our respective communities after the devastating events that have taken place nationally. We also recognize that we need to use our platforms to reiterate that East High School is and will continue to be an anti-racist school and community. As a staff, we are currently developing what we feel to be the best plan of action to not only speak on or simply post about the injustices happening to African Americans, but how to best act on them. This is not an action statement but merely an update for our community. We stand against any and all forms of racism and discrimination and we look forward to the opportunity of showing you this rather than telling you. We ask for your patience and understanding as we attempt to assemble hundreds of thoughts and ideas and put forth actions.

Black Lives Matter at East.
End Of The Year Item Return/Pick-Up Reminder
Item return and pick-up will take place during the week of June 8th-June 12th from 10am-4pm. Personal items in lockers will be available to pick up. We will collect school issued materials like instruments, calculators, textbooks, library books, and athletic clothing. Only Seniors (who are not taking Summer School) need to return their Chromebooks and chargers. Read more details about the specific items we will be returning and collecting and a summary of the contactless process. Note: Diplomas will not be ready until Thursday, June 11th. SENIORS should only return/pick-up items on THURSDAY, June 11th or FRIDAY, June 12th.
Virtual Commencement Ceremony Invitation
The Class of 2020 can share this Virtual Commencement Ceremony Invitation with family and friends. Billboards featuring each MMSD graduate will run from June 8th-21st. The east side one will be the digital billboard on the Beltline by the Rimrock Road Exit. Seniors can view their billboard in this google folder and share with their friends and family and to their social media pages! A reminder that Seniors should return their Chromebooks (unless taking Summer School) and other school issued materials on Thursday, June 11th or Friday, June 12th between 10am-4pm. Diplomas will be distributed during this time as well. All Senior information can be found at east.mmsd.org/graduation.
AVID 10th Grade Teaching Team Shares Joy
Enjoy a dose of joy from the 10th Grade AVID Staff Team. Anisa Yudawanti, East TOPS Coordinator said, "If there’s one thing my teaching team has learned this year, it’s that we will choose joy, always. Here is what has been keeping us going." Vera Naputi, AVID Teacher and Instructional Coach added, "And a reminder that Black and Brown people will find joy while they live with oppression. That’s when we sing, when we dance, when we worship, when we write verses, when we depend on our bonds. It’s because everyday for even a minute, we break for joy."
Yearbook Update
Due to the pandemic (school closures, spring sports cancellations, etc.) delaying our ability to finish the book by the original April 24, 2020 deadline, and the overall shut down also impacting the yearbook publishing company, the Tower Tales yearbooks are arriving sometime after July 23, 2020. Yearbook adviser April van Buren is working with Principal Kearney on a distribution plan, and we'll be emailing everyone with an update when we have it finalized. We have a master list of everyone that has preordered a book, so if you have purchased one, you will definitely still get it. When and where? We're working on that part. Please stay tuned! An update will be shared on our yearbook website and via email.

Thank you for your patience! We are excited to showcase the work of the students on the East High yearbook staff, and have preserved many memories from this truly unprecedented school year.
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