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Join us for Megillah reading in the evening and morning in Jacob’s Garden, Shapell Sanctuary or for the BJC Hillel Young Family reading in the Hillel yard. If you are unable to attend in person, the readings will be accessible via Zoom. Please see full Purim schedule below and take a moment 
to register to reserve your spot! 

Masks required - to be Covid compliant and in the spirit of Purim!
Family Megillah Reading
Friday, February 26 at 9am

Come hear megillah with your SPARK & Hillel friends family style
Halachic Guidelines for Zachor and Purim: Erev Shabbat & Covid Considerations
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Taanit Esther & Purim Schedule
Consistent with our halachic guidelines, our multiple Megillah readings will be accessible this year in-person and via Zoom. If you are able to hear the Megillah in person with a minyan at Shul, we encourage you to make every effort to do so. Masks and social distancing are required, with multiple indoor and outdoor options. If due to Covid-19 concerns you are not able to attend a Minyan, and you are not able to hear/read the Megillah on your own from a kosher Megillah, then we invite you to join our Megillah reading via Zoom and, considering the extenuating circumstances, this is considered a fulfillment of the mitzvah. 
Each Megillah reading below will be accessible via Zoom or Livestream.

Please see below for Halachic Notes from Rabbi Topp about the mitzvot of the day.
Thursday, February 25 - Taanit Esther - Purim
Fast Begins 5:12 am
Shacharit 6:30 am - Shapell Sanctuary
Shacharit 7:30 am - Jacob's Garden

Mincha: 5:20 pm - Jacob's Garden
Maariv: 6:15 pm - Jacob's Garden & Shapell Sanctuary
Megillah 6:30 pm - Jacob's Garden & Shapell Sanctuary - Click here for Livestream
Megillah 7:45 pm - Jacob's Garden - Click here for Livestream

Friday, February 26 - Purim
Shacharit with Megillah 6:30 am - Shapell Sanctuary - Click here for Zoom
Shacharit with Megillah 7:30 am - Jacob's Garden - Click here for Livestream
Megillah 9:00 am - Jacob's Garden - Click here for Zoom
BJC-Hillel Megillah 9:00 am - Hillel Courtyard

Mincha/Maariv 5:30 pm - Jacob's Garden

Registration required to attend Megillah Reading; please click button below. 
Please note: Due to noise concerns with respect to our neighbors, at our outdoor megillah readings, we ask attendees to minimize "grogger” activity and the use of other noise making devices. 
Beth Jacob Weekday & Shabbat Minyanim
Our first Shacharit minyan (6:45/7am) Monday-Friday will be held in Shapell Sanctuary and the second Shacharit minyan (7:40am), daily mincha and Shabbat Minyanim will take place outdoors in Jacob's Garden. Pre-registration required to attend. Please click below to register:

Weekday Davening Times (Weekday Tefillot will also be broadcast on Zoom)
Shacharit Monday-Friday
6:45am, 7:40am Monday
7am, 7:40am Tuesday & Wednesday
6:30, 7:30am Thursday & Friday
Mincha/Maariv for the week of February 21 at 5:25pm
Halachic Notes from Rabbi Topp
(incorporating Rav Schachter’s rulings)
Machatzit Hashekel
When giving Machatzit Hashekel there is no need to raise the actual coins. One may fulfill the minhag of Machatzit HaShekel by placing paper money ($2) in the collection bin. Bins will be placed at each minyan on Thursday for this purpose. We should keep in mind that this minhag is merely a “Zecher l’Machatzit Hashekel” (remembrance) and not the actual mitzvah that was performed in the days of the Beit Hamikdash. If you are unable to attend in person, click here to fulfill this minhag.
Taanit Esther/Megillah: The fast should preferably be broken after hearing Megillah on Thursday evening, unless the person fasting will not hear Megillah for some time after the fast ends. In the event that one is hearing a later Megillah reading, eating light snacks after the fast ends would be permissible. A full meal should not be eaten until after one hears the Megillah.
Mishloach Manot
The mitzvah is accomplished by sending two ready-made food items to one friend. Both foods may have the same beracha. Extra care should be taken to maintain safety precautions when exchanging Mishloach Manot. 
Matanot L’evyonim 
The Mitvzah is fulfilled by giving tzedakah to two poor people on the day of Purim. Alternatively, you can fulfill the mitzvah by designating Rabbi Topp to distribute monies on Purim. Contributions can be made anytime in advance of Purim, online by clicking here or placed in the marked bin at Shul.
Purim Seudah
We encourage everyone to carefully take into account the CDC’s guidelines for distancing when having your seudah. With Purim being Erev Shabbat, the Purim Seudah (festive meal) should preferably be started before chatzot (midday, 12:06pm) and conclude prior to 2:57pm (“samuch l’mincha”), so that we can have an appetite later when we enjoy our Shabbat dinner.
There is some debate among the halachic authorities whether one must eat bread in order to fulfill the obligation of the Purim meal. The Rambam writes that the meal must consist of meat and wine while the Shulchan Aruch does not indicate this requirement which suggests that the meal can be fulfilled with any foods
Matanot Levyonim - Letter from the Rabbi
Dear Member,

Maimonides writes (Yom Tov 6:18) that a crucial element of any Jewish holiday is remembering the less fortunate and providing for their needs.
Giving tzedaka has additional significance on Purim since our salvation was clinched when we rose to the occasion and unified in prayer and battle. Esther and Mordechai established the mitzvah of Matanot L’evyonim- giving gifts to the poor- to highlight this theme of unity and responsibility. Interestingly, Maimonides recommends that the amount one spends on Matanot L'evyonim should exceed that of Mishloach Manot.
The Mitvzah is fulfilled by giving tzedakah to two poor people on the day of Purim. Alternatively, you can fulfill the mitzvah by designating me (anytime between now and Purim) to distribute monies on Purim. I work together with organizations in LA and Israel to distribute thousands of dollars on Purim. 100 cents on the dollar goes to the needy. 

Please click here to make your contribution and fulfill this impactful mitzvah. Your gift will be distributed on Purim to the poor and needy who so greatly appreciate your crucial support. 
Thank you and Purim sameach, 
Rabbi Topp
Mishloach Manot
Youth Department
Please note we are already at capacity for the family megillah reading. If you would like to sign up to be apart of our waiting list, please click here.
Young Professionals