Purim is Coming!
Do a Mitzvah
and Sponsor Mishlo'ach Manot
Sending gifts of food to friends and family comes from the Book of Esther, ensuring that everyone had enough to eat or drink for their Purim Feast. This gesture is a way to express our care for one another and has become a beloved Or Atid tradition while enhancing necessary operating funds.

Mishlo'ach Manot will be available for pick up at the Or Atid Purim CAR-nival on Sunday Feb 21. Stay tuned for details!

The Whole Megillah: $360 
Put a Crown on Queen Esther: $270 
Hitch a ride with Mordechai to Shushan: $180 
Give Vashti a Covid Chai-Five: $90 
Kick Haman in the Tuchus for $18 a Kick
*Checks can also be mailed to Or Atid with "Purim Sponsor" in the notes line
Matanot La'Evyonim
Another Purim tradition is to give to those in need. In addition to supporting Or Atid with our fundraiser, please consider donating to one of Or Atid’s community partner agencies:

Participating in this Mitzvah is a central part of the holiday of Purim!