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Purim is Coming ...
Order Your Shalach Manot!  
TBC Teachers
Jr Chai: Michele Bender
Kindergarten/1st: Joe
2nd: Dana Umerley
3rd: Barbara Massy Bear,
       Gail Espinosa
4th: Barbara Massy Bear,
        Gail Espinosa
5th: Rayna Avizov,
        Gail Espinosa
6th: Diane Brown, Rachel
        Clott, Rayna Avizov
7th: Adam Gold, Rayna
       Avizov, Diane Brown
8th, 9th, 10th: Rabbi Bearman

B'nai Mitzvah Coaches
Bonnie Heft, Diane Brown
Gail Espinosa, Rayna Avizov
Karin Beitel (Director of Education), Kim O'Rielly (Office Manager), Hildy Parks (bookkeeper)
Rabbi Rachel Bearman 
In the book of Esther, two of the mitzvot that are associated with Purim are the sending of gifts of food and the giving of tzedakah.  In verse 9:22 of the book of Esther it says:  "[Mordechai wrote to the Jews] to observe the days as days of feasting and joy and giving presents of food to one another and gifts to the poor. "
Deadline for Orders: February 24, 2018!  
Thanks for your support of TBC!
At TBC, we combine these 2 mitzvot into our Shalach Manot fundraiser, a fun way to support TBC by sending gifts to friends, as well as TBC clergy, staff, teachers and tutors.  Please join us in celebrating Purim through this annual tradition!
Each Shalach Manot bag will be filled with festive food and other items to create a fun Purim celebration at home.

If you would like to send to all TBC members, there are multiple sponsorship levels of giving opportunities. Each level sends one bag to every TBC member family, clergy, staff, teachers and tutors.
  • The Whole Megillah $1,000
  • The Royal Shushan Society $540
  • The Courtier $360
  • The Gates of Mordechai $180 
Or send individual bags as in the past:
  • Bags for TBC members are $15
  • Bags for TBC clergy, staff, teachers and tutors are $10
  • Bags for non-TBC members are $15 and must be delivered by you
If a TBC member has been chosen by more than one friend, they will receive one bag with a note listing all the donors.
To order your Shalach Manot, click HERE.  In the form, you will have the opportunity to reciprocate, which means that we will send a bag on your behalf to anyone that sends to you.