~ April 8, 2021 ~
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America isn’t Germany: When it comes to worker voice, should companies sing the same song, but with a different accent? (also see Worker Voice and The New Frontier for Business Leadership and All Eyes on Amazon Union Vote)
What did this dean learn? And what might he have missed?
Empathy, creativity, flexibility, and resilience are increasingly in demand, as is the ability to tackle thorny questions of ethics and responsibility. Is casting a wider net one key to better management education? (also see Why We Need the Liberal Arts to Achieve Stakeholder Capitalism)

The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program, Franklin & Marshall College, Freeman College of Management at Bucknell University, The Wharton School of
the University of Pennsylvania
How can educators equip students with the mindset, knowledge and skills required for a flourishing economy and a strong democracy? The Aspen Institute is convening undergraduate faculty and administrators to discuss teaching at the intersection of business and the humanities. Join us!
Registration is now open with reduced early-bird rates
available until April 30th.

Virtual programming begins June 14th, 2021.

LinkedIn: Nancy McGaw
“How can candidates who want their work to contribute to society determine which employer is right for them?” (also see More MBAs Look to Careers in Sustainable Investing & Social Impact)
Forbes: Edward Segal
As a values-driven leader, when do you speak out, and how? (also see What Companies Can Do When They Wind Up on the Wrong Side of Issues)
The Big Picture: Barry Ritholtz
"Across the entirety of my career, I have repeatedly witnessed talented people get destroyed by their own refusal to get rich slowly.” What is the purpose of capital? (also see Archegos Capital Management: The Dumbest Financial Story of 2021.)
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