Dear Friends,

It happens every December, like clockwork. Some news bomb gets dropped right when folks aren’t focused.
The bomb this time: A report from the Associated Press alleging that charter schools are racially isolated.
We’re emailing you — our most active subscribers — because this kind of outrageously inaccurate analysis cannot go unchallenged. As our CEO Jeanne Allen wrote on Twitter this morning, . @AP report on charter schools lacks data integrity, understanding of variations in charter laws, local context & any research base. Actual analysis isn't even available for review.”
As civil rights pioneer Howard Fuller tweeted , “The issue for low income Black children is how to get an effective education. I don’t oppose integration. I support excellent education for poor Black children wherever they can find it. Blaming charter schools for the lack of integration is bogus.”
Added 50 CAN Director Derrell Bradford, " It’s funny to me how whenever black excellence is clustered it’s a threat to the republic and needs to be dismantled. Look at selective high schools in NYC which are largely Asian...everyone wants to get in on that."
Even Robin Lake, a choice skeptic and University of Washington researcher said, “No evidence that charters are more racially concentrated than schools the student would have attended; implies that racial segregation causes low performance. Not responsible reporting… The only thing this story shows is that charter schools are serving the kids we asked them to serve: at-risk populations. It presents no evidence that charters are exacerbating racial segregation.”
We’ll be following-up tomorrow with additional info. For now, we’d encourage you to add your important voice to this debate — whether via social media   or email .
Thank you!
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Jeanne Allen
Founder and CEO