Issue No. 166 | Aug. 1, 2019
Dedicated to the development of the future stewards of U.S.-China relations
Push-back on Social Credit
A July 30 opinion piece in the 钱江晚报, posted on, used a case in Shandong to push back on the idea of an all-encompassing social credit system. While there are many critics of the concept of such a system outside of China, little attention has been paid to discussions within China. This article is worth a read for how such a potentially sensitive topic can be approached within Chinese. 信用黑名单,不能啥都往里装
俗语 from Xi Jinping
zhàn wěn jiǎo gēn

Meaning: stand firm, gain a firm foothold

Original: 只要我们保持定力、站稳脚跟,在埋头苦干中增长实力,在改革创新中挖掘潜能,在积极进取中开拓新局,中国经济航船就一定能够乘风破浪、行稳致远。 (not a direct quotation, but rather a Xinhua report on Xi's speech)
New Next-Gen Pieces
2018 Next-Gen Scholar Christopher Magoon recently published two fantastic pieces. The first, in Scientific American , is on the use of virtual reality in medical fields in China. The second, in the LA Review of Books , is about the Friends Ambulance Unit , a Quaker aid group active in China in the late 40s.
Job Opportunities
The Ford Foundation is seeking a new Program Officer in their Beijing office.

Bluepath Labs is hiring a Research Analyst Intern in DC to focus on defense and military aerospace sectors.
圆桌派 is a very interesting talk show in China that is worth keeping your eye on. This episode talks about investigative journalism and social relationships in China today. A fascinating discussion (with Chinese subtitles, so great for visual learners too!).
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