Puster Elementary Principal Message
August 8, 2019
Puster Families,

The building is beginning to look shiny again! We especially appreciate our custodial staff who have worked all summer to clean every carpet, every desk, and every tile in this building to get it ready for our students!

This week I had the pleasure of welcoming our "New to Puster" families at our New Student Orientation as well as our new Little Lovejoy Scholars who will participate in our Pre-K program. Having a rough day? Just take a moment to visit with a 4 year-old. Heart melt!

Dismissal News: New this year we will begin utilizing an on-line dismissal management system. This system will be more efficient for you and for us! Using an app on your phone, you will be able to make dismissal changes with the tap of a button, which will be indicated on our end of day report given to teachers. We will be providing more info on this next week with a plan for a first day of school roll out so...stay tuned!

More Dismissal News: Last year, we moved from a single line of buses to double-stacked buses. This created an additional need to be vigilant about student safety. At the end of last year, I invited our Director of Operations to come observe our dismissal process around bus dismissal and offer feedback. With some small tweaks, we were able to improve our process, however one safety concern remained. This year, we must reduce the amount of congestion in our front parking lot as well as the amount of pedestrian traffic at the crosswalk. Reducing the amount of student and adult movement between buses at dismissal is imperative to ensure the safety of all. Therefore, we have made the difficult decision to eliminate the "Louie's Lair" dismissal option. This will decrease sidewalk congestion as bus riders are dismissing and, more importantly, reduce the amount of traffic walking between buses. Parents are certainly welcome to arrive early and park in the back parking lot to walk and pick students up from the car line.

Even More Dismissal News: Nothing scares a parent or staff member more than learning a child didn't get off the bus or we just aren't sure how a child went home. It is our job to keep our children safe from the moment you drop them off at Puster until the moment they are back in your hands. Therefore, we respectfully ask that you not wait for your bus rider to be dismissed and pull them off the bus or from the dismissal line. We have check-off systems in place to ensure we know where every child goes at the end of the day. Please check your child out at the front office if you have a last-minute dismissal change.

Final Dismissal News: Please be patient with us the first two weeks of school! Students and teachers are learning car numbers, bus numbers and our dismissal procedures. The first few days will always take longer as we work out the bugs. Our systems will become more efficient with practice and I anticipate we will all be speedy experts after the first couple of weeks. As always, car line will dismiss on the south side at the back of the building. Bus will dismiss at the front of the building.

School Times: School begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 3:10 p.m.
7:30-7:45 Students go to the gym (K-2) or cafeteria (3-4)
7:45 Students are dismissed to classrooms
Students not in classrooms at 8:00 will go to office for tardy slip

Lunch Visitors: We love visitors! You are always welcome to come eat lunch with your child. However, please wait until Week 2 - we need the first week of school to establish routines and procedures.

Student Class Placements: Be on the lookout this weekend for an email with instructions on how to access your child's teacher and schedule in Power School!
Staffing Update: Puster is fully staffed with teachers! Coach Bailey has gained a new partner in crime - Coach Jason Johns. Coach Johns has 21 years of teaching and coaching experience. He and his wife, Whitney have two daughters, Morgan, a freshman at LJHS, and Kennedy, a fifth grader at Sloan Creek. We are to have his family in Lovejoy and to have him at Puster serving our kids!
Next week, our staff return for team building, trainings and time to prepare their classrooms. We are all looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new Puster families at our annual "Meet the Teacher" event on Tuesday evening. Times are noted below.

This email contains a lot of answers to beginning of the year questions. Please be sure to scan and scroll to the bottom. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have additional unanswered questions.

Pride in Puster,
Dates to Remember
August 8 - Pre-K Meet and Greet , 9:00 a.m.
August 12 - Student class placements available in Power School by 10:00 a.m.
August 13 - PTA Spirit Sales in PES Cafetera 2:00 through 6:30
August 13 - Meet the Teacher Night
PreK/Kinder 4:45-5:30 (no early arrivals, please)
Grades 1-4, last name A-L, 5:15-6:00 (no early arrivals, please)
Grades 1-4, last name M-Z, 5:45-6:30
August 19 - First Day of School
August 19 - PTA Sponsored "Cheers and Tears" in Puster Think Tank across from the library
September 2 - Labor Day Holiday
September 23 - September 27 - Book Fair
September 24 - PTA Meeting @ 6:15 pm
September 24 - Ice Cream Social @ 6:30 pm - Book Fair Open
October 22 - Fall Family Fun Night
Puster News
Student goal: 1000 minutes    
SCHOOL GOAL 500,000 minutes

We are getting very close to meeting our reading goal of 500,000 minutes read! We have had several students who have met their summer reading minutes and then some:

Lacey A.
Manal B.
Charlotte B.
Anders B.
William B.
Peyton B.
Brynn C.
Arianna C.
Abigail C.
Cooper C.
Selume E.
Bradie J.
Siddhi P.
Max R.
Roma S.
Stella S.
Jake S.
Gavin T.
Caden U.
Matilda U.
David W.
Parker Y.

Many, many more are almost there! It's not too late to join us...our Puster teachers are on standby for a pretty cool, school-wide surprise if we reach our goal!

How to participate? 
Visit www.biblionasium.com . Students will chose "Login Using Destiny" and use their same login as they would use to login to a computer here on campus.
student ID#

Video instructions and more information can be found here on how to get started.
All information can be found on the Summer Read 2019 Website found on the Puster library webpage.

The SCHOOLWIDE READING CELEBRATION to recognize top readers will happen the first few weeks of school. A BIG EVENT is planned!

Can't wait to see if we reach our goal of ½ million minutes of reading!
2019-2020 After School Learning Opportunities
Puster Elementary will once again be offering Engineering for Kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays. See below for registration information.
Puster will be offering classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays. See below for registration information.
PTA News
Puster PTA is now accepting membership & Leopard Drive for the 2019-20 school year!
Joining is easy, just click on the link below and follow the instructions.
Questions? Contact  pusterpta@gmail.com .
Thank you for your support.
To find out more about the Puster PTA, please visit:  http://bit.ly/PusterPTA
District News
Bus Information 

The 2019-2020 bus route information will be finalized by August 7 th. On or after this date, bus stop locations and times can be retrieved from the district's website at www.lovejoyisd.net under “Quick Links” or the “Transportation” section under Departments.

After selecting “Bus Routes 2019-2020”, a new screen will appear where you enter your address in the search box and select 'Search'. Route information will appear, including the stop location and times, along with a map. Bus stop information will only display for students who have requested bus transportation through PowerSchool.

If your student is a returning student and rode the bus last year, their PowerSchool account should already be marked “yes” for bus transportation. PowerSchool transportation choices from last year will roll over to this year. When PowerSchool is open to parents, please review your Transportation “yes” or “no” choice for 2019-2020 to make sure the correct one is selected. It is extremely important that this information is correct so we know how many students will need bus service. If your student will NOT ride the bus, please make sure the transportation choice is marked “no” for the 2019-2020 year so we have an accurate count of how many will ride the buses.

If your student is new this year, and would like your child to ride the bus, this is done through PowerSchool under the “Enrollment & Student Forms” section. Detailed instructions on requesting bus service, and Transportation Policies & Procedures are available on the district’s website under “Departments” and selecting Transportation. 

Questions or concerns?

Donna Holden (Routing Coordinator)
469-742-8009 or donna_holden@lovejoyisd.net
David Dillon (Senior Director of Operations)
469-742-8028 or david_dillon@lovejoyisd.net
Lovejoy Lacrosse – Boys’ and Girls’ Teams Registration Now Open
Registration is now open for the boys’ and girls’ 2019 Fall season of Lovejoy Lacrosse. Join the most exciting, fastest-growing sport in the country. 

Register now for Boys and Girls
Grades Kindergarten through High School

Visit www.lovejoylacrosse.com for information regarding the program and the upcoming Fall season.  

Turn Lucas Green
The First Saturday of every month, Turn Lucas Green hosts a Styrofoam drop-off event in the parking lot of the Lucas Starbucks (next to the Lucas Walmart) from 1:00 – 3:00 PM. Please rinse, clean, and collect your Styrofoam throughout the month and bring it to the drop-off event.

Acceptable Styrofoam items are marked #6 and include:

Egg Cartons
Meat Trays
Fast Food Clam Shell Containers
Packing Materials

*Packing Peanuts Will Not Be Accepted

You are invited to join Turn Lucas Green Facebook and Twitter groups for up-to-date reminders and news regarding recycle events in Lucas. Make a difference & recycle ♻️.