Puster Elementary School
Principal Message
October 4, 2018

A Message from Kevin Parker

We had a full house on campus this morning for our annual talent show. It's super important for us to give every child an opportunity to showcase their passions and interests no matter if it's today during the talent show or other events throughout the year. As important as reading, writing, math, and science are, our students have many other things to offer and we want to recognize that.
This weekend is a four-day weekend as we take Friday and Monday off for our Fall Break. We will be back on Tuesday ready for your children. My family will be travelling to Fayetteville, AR to take a campus tour with my daughter who is a senior at LHS. Get ready. You will be doing the same before you know it. It goes by way too quickly.
Whether you are staying in town or taking a weekend trip, I hope you enjoy your time with your families.

Have a great weekend.

If there is ever anything you feel needs immediate attention, please don't hesitate to call or text me at 469-667-2280.
Pride in Puster,

Follow Mr. Parker on Twitter @peskevinparker and follow what's happening on our campus @pusterlearners. 

Dates to Remember


October 5 - 8 - Fall Break
October 9 - Engineering K-1 and Spanish
October 10 - Fairview Fire Department Fire Prevention
October 10 - Engineering 2-4 and Spanish
October 12 - Alpha Omega Gymnastics
October 15 - Choir and Chess Club
October 16 - Engineering K-1 and Spanish
October 17 - Engineering 2-4 and Spanish
October 18 - Report Cards
October 19 - Alpha Omega Gymnastics
October 22 - Choir and Chess Club
October 22 - Fall Family Fun Night
October 23 - Engineering K-1 and Spanish
October 24 - KG Field Trip
October 24 - Engineering 2-4 and Spanish
October 25 - Author Visit
October 26 - Student Holiday
October 29 - Choir and Chess
October 30 - Engineering K-1 and Spanish
October 31 - Starbooks Café @ 7:30 am
October 31 - Engineering 2-4 and Spanish

Foundation for Lovejoy Schools

Foundation for Lovejoy Schools
North Texas Giving Day: Thank You!
The Foundation for Lovejoy Schools would like to say thank you to the Lovejoy Community for raising over $114,000 from approximately 450 donors on North Texas Giving Day. The Foundation is well on their way to reaching their $200,000 goal by December 31 with great support from Lovejoy families and the community. Every gift is valuable to the mission of enhancing education in Lovejoy. If you are considering making a donation to the Foundation, please click here for more information.

Campus Information
New Security Procedures
Driver's License must be presented and scanned with every visit and student sign out, no exceptions. 

Start and End Time
School hours have changed for the 2018-2019 school year.  We will still begin the day at 8:00.  Dismissal will now be at 3:10.

If your child is going to be absent please e-mail Kendra Card at:
Lunchroom Visitors

Lunchroom Visitors (PreK-4)
You are welcome to have lunch with your child throughout the year. Please keep in mind that you may only bring food for your child to eat. We have many students on campus with food allergies and this will ensure that students are not put at risk. Also, just as in years past, we ask that only you and your child sit at the designated tables closest to the hallway windows.
Morning Drop Off
This routine will stay the same as in years past.  Cars will enter the north driveway and come to the back of the campus.  Either staff or Safety Crew students will be waiting to assist your child out of the car.  On the first day of school, students will go immediately to their classroom regardless of what time they arrive.  Beginning on August 21, students who arrive before 7:45 AM will report to the cafeteria (3 rd /4 th graders) or the gym (KG, 1 st , 2 nd  graders).  They will then move to their classes when the bell rings at 7:45 AM.

Afternoon Pick Up
Students will be dismissed at 3:10.  Car riders will be dismissed to the back of the campus.  Please have your car number visible so this procedure will go as smoothly as possible.  If you plan to walk up to the front door to pick up your child, we will ask that you wait outside until the bus riders come through the front door.  We will then release your child to you.  This ensures the buses get out in a timely manner, as well as, we know exactly who your child is leaving campus with.  Please do not pull your child out of the bus line. The safety of your children trumps everything else we do at Puster.

PRE - K News
To see Pre-K News  click here


NEW! Puster Campout 2019
Be sure to put the  2nd Annual Puster Campout dates on your calendar: April 26-27, 2019!  A pretty fantastic group of volunteers is busy putting plans in place to make this event even better than last year's.  We're adding more activities and bringing back all the favorites, including the 25-foot rock wall, giant inflatable hamster wheels and the glow dance party.  Want to get involved as a volunteer?  Email the campout team  here.

Sponsorship Opportunties
Last year, with the help of 49 generous sponsors, we raised over $100,000. The money raised enabled us to create and update the technology in the computer/collaboration lab, hire a math interventionist and enhance our hands-on, STEM-based workstations in the library.  This year our goal is $125,000.  I know we can do this.  The sponsorship drive opened Monday, October 1.  We have sponsorship levels from $500 up and many in-kind opportunities are available.  Do you know of a business that would like to partner with Puster and have direct access to nearly 500 residents in our community?   Here you can find the sponsorship packet for 2019.  You can also let the leadership team know of potential sponsor opportunities by sending an email  here.  Sponsorships aren't limited to businesses.  As they did last year, sports teams and groups of families in neighborhoods can group together as a sponsor!

Dad's Coffee With Parker
One final note:  I'm hosting a Dad's Coffee at 8 a.m. on Thursday October 11 to discuss the campout and share ideas.   Sitting down and listening to this segment is important to me as many dads actively participated in the campout last year, and many dads brought sponsors to us.  Invite the dads you know to join me!  We'll be in the Think Tank.

Puster Campout Dad's Coffee
Dads, please join us on October 11 at 8:00 am in the Think Tank to learn more about the Campout on April 26th and how you can get involved.

Volunteer Background Application Now Available
  For the safety of our students, a criminal history record is obtained annually for every person interested in volunteering at a LISD campus. Upon completion of the background check, applicants will be notified of approval to volunteer.
Please  click here  to access the Online Volunteer Application. The online application is a secure link.
All information regarding volunteer applications received for the 2017-2018 school year has been deleted. If you submitted an application prior to August 2018, you will need to complete another application.
Thank you for your assistance with this very important matter. Your interest in serving as a volunteer is appreciated. Should you have any questions, or require assistance, please contact:
Stacey Dillon
Assistant to the Superintendent

Please Complete FERPA and General Waiver Forms
It is, once again, time to complete the FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) and General Waiver forms electronically. Also, please take the time to verify that all other required forms have been completed. You can find these forms on line by:
1. Go to the LISD Website .
2. Click on Parents,
3. Power School Parent Portal
4. Input your user name and password for existing families/ Create an Account for new families.
5. You should now be in PowerSchool Click on Enrollment and Student Forms.
6. There are multiple forms you can click to update, but the required forms are the two tabs on the top right hand side of the screen: "FERPA" and "General Waiver"
7 . MAKE SURE TO HIT "SUBMIT" at the bottom of the page when completed .
If you have any questions, please give Kendra Card a call at 469-742-8283.

Watch D.O.G.S. 2.0 "Another Year, Another 100"
Take a day or ½ day to be a hero for your child. Get your picture on the  Puster Watch D.O.G.S. wall with your child.
Signup below for your day. Let's see how fast we can fill this up.

What is WATCH D.O.G.S. and how do you participate?
Watch D.O.G.S. is a program that helps bring dads and other male role models into our school. Dad's spend a day with their child at school and get to interact alongside the teachers, help with carpool, monitor hallways, help out in the classroom, help with specials...the possibilities are endless.
Have you completed the districts background check?
Lovejoy ISD Volunteer process for the 2018-2019 school year is not yet open. Should be soon.
Each Watch D.O.G. dad is encouraged to wear a Watch D.O.G.S. T-shirt on the day he is volunteering at the school. Your child/children may also want a "My Hero" shirt to wear that day too. Below is the link to purchase your t-shirts. Watch D.O.G. t-shirts are not required but it's encouraged.

Here is the link to purchase your t-shirts:

If you have any questions you can contact Henri Friloux at  henri.friloux@gmail.com or 972-365-5478.


Thank you for your generosity in donating to our Leopard Drive this year.  We assure you that your contributions will be put to good use throughout the year.  The Leopard Drive is now closed as you have exceeded our giving expectations. Tax receipts have been sent home for those who donated with cash or check.  Those who donated on-line should have received an immediate tax receipt. Thanks again and have a great weekend. 

Your PTA

Click here for PTA Highlights for the week !

Don't forget to join Puster PTA to get the most updated information on events and programs for your family!  https://bit.ly/2xmDKIj

2018-2019 Reflections Competition
Celebrate the arts during the National PTA Reflections competition, where students can unleash their creative potential and share an interpretation of this years' theme, "Heroes Around Me!" Students may submit work in Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Musical Competition, Photography, and Visual Arts. Entries are reviewed at local, council, state, and national levels, and will be judged on how well the student uses their artistic vision to portray the theme, originality and creativity. Please click here for more information regarding this program, and click here for a copy of the student entry form. Entries are due on Friday, November 2, and can be turned in to the front office. Contact Alice Robison (alicerobison@hotmail.com

Puster PTA Membership and Puster Leopard Drive
Go to this for more information:

Boxtop Collection Time! 
It's Box Top collection time! Start bringing in your box tops to class and be sure to write your teacher's name on it.  As your class brings in Box Tops your teacher will start climbing on Mt. Box Top - who will get to the top first??? You can also drop your box tops in the collection bin under the bulletin board on the way to the cafeteria. 


It's Pumpkin Time!
We have a special tradition here at Puster called the "Book Character Pumpkin Patch". This is an optional family project to be completed at home and then brought to display in the library. The theme of the pumpkin decorating is "My Favorite Book Character". Pumpkins may be decorated with paint or markers, yarn, pipe cleaners, fabric scraps, cardboard, glitter, construction paper, etd. Carved pumpkins will not be accepted because they turn bad quickly, make a mess, and attract pests!

We will begin accepting pumpkins Monday, October 15 for display, Please bring a copy of the related book (or a picture of the front cover) to be displayed on an easel beside the pumpkin. We will have tent cards ready to complete in the library. The card will have the name of the character on the outside and the student/family name on the inside.

Pumpkins will be shared at Fall Family Fun Night in a slideshow on the cafeteria projection screen and on display in the library from October 15 through Friday, October 26. Students will be able to vote on their favorite entries. Creators of the top three pumpkin characters with the most votes will receive Spring Book Fair gift cards!

Pumpkins will go home with students on October 26. If your student will need help transporting the pumpkin character, please make necessary arrangements to help with pick up. You will be able to display the pumpkin at your home in time for Halloween!

Author Visit-- Troy Cummings will be visiting Puster on Thursday, October 25. We will be reading his books in book clubs as well as in our library read aloud times to become familiar with his work. Mr. Cummings is an author and an illustrator, so he will be sharing his entire creative process with us. He will host three assemblies for large groups and then work with 4th graders in smaller groups later in the day. 

We will be offering his books to order in advance and have signed while he is here. You are also welcome to buy books on your own and send them in for autographs the week of the visit.  To order books through Puster from Barnes and Noble Booksellers,  follow this link to Revtrak .

Once the books arrive, we will keep them in the library until Mr. Cummings visits and autographs them. We will distribute the books as soon as possible-- hopefully that same day!

Read with Me, Therapy Dog volunteers-- We are excited to continue our Read with Me program where licensed adult volunteers and their dogs read quietly with kids in the library. This has been a HUGE hit with our students, and we would like to involve as many kids as we can. If you are, or know someone who is, licensed with Pet Partners, please contact Alison Smithwick or Emily Peabody to start the process as a Read with Me volunteer. The more the merrier!  



NEW! Circle of Partners
Lovejoy ISD is pleased to welcome Tutoring 101 to the Circle of Partners . Tutoring 101 and Lovejoy ISD have formed a revenue generating/sharing partnership to bring their services to Lovejoy families. Please see below for several offerings.
Private tutoring is available for students in grades K-12 in all subjects. Tutoring 101 recommends once a week tutoring for an hour to increase grades and learn subject matter more deeply. A once a week appointment usually results in an increase of one letter grade or more. Turn those C's into B's.
What is your SAT/ACT score? Want a better one? What do you need it to be?
Invest in a PSAT/SAT/ACT Prep program not just a class. Tutoring 101 helps high scorers get top scores, average students raise their scores and poor test takers achieve the scores colleges want. Tutoring 101 students have earned admissions and scholarships, and have saved thousands of tuition dollars every year. 
  • Specialize in working with individual students and their specific needs
  • Day-of-test strategies
  • One-on-one/small groups
  • PSAT/SAT Classes: Tues or Thurs or Saturdays
  • ACT Prep Classes: Mon/Wed or Sat
  • One on One and Online Prep also available
  • School District Employee Discount
Learn about Tutoring 101's all-inclusive PSAT/SAT/ACT programs:
  • 11th-12th Grade SAT/ACT  
  • 10th-12th PSAT/SAT/ACT 
  • 9th-12th Grade PSAT/NMSQT/SAT/ACT 
  • Duke Tip (7th Grade) 
Classes are conveniently located at Lovejoy High School. Call 972.359.0222 or email Robyn@Tutoring101.com for additional information.

2nd Annual Lovejoy Professional Network Golf Tournament
Friday, November 2nd
The Lovejoy Professional Network is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Lovejoy Professional Network Golf Tournament on Friday, November 2from 1:30 PM - 8:00 PM at Heritage Ranch. This year the proceeds will benefit the Lovejoy family of Casey and Jamie Sullivan. Casey passed away earlier this year.  He was an avid golfer, music lover, coach and proud father of Ainsley (9th), Ryder (8th) and Piper (4th).
The Lovejoy Professional Network's goal is to fill the course with 144 golfers. The event will include a dinner with a silent auction and raffle giveaway. If you are unable to attend the tournament, you are invited to attend the celebration dinner for Casey. You may click here for details. Please contact Mark Urbin for additional information.  

NEW! Senior Project
To Raise Funds for Autism
Zachary Taylor
, a senior at Lovejoy High School, thanks the Lovejoy community for their support of his Senior Project:
"Hello! I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who bought a ribbon or two at Leopard Friday and to those who donated online for the Autism Walk this past weekend.  We had a great turnout and the weather was perfect during the walk.  We finished just in time before the rain started to come down on us.  Not only did I meet my goal of raising $500 toward the walk, the donation total was over $700. If you would still like to donate, the deadline is October 29. The combined donations from the ribbons sale and the walk was over $850.  We had a fun time walking for such a great cause. Thank you everyone for your love and support of Autism Awareness!

Lovejoy Softball Grand Slam Club
Flats for Bats
The annual "Flats for Bats" fundraiser is underway. The sale will be held through October 11. Anyone interested in having flowers delivered to them please email lovejoysoftball@gmail.com . For additional information, please contact Tien Nguyen at lovejoysoftball@gmail.com .
Checks should be made payable to the Grand Slam Booster Club. Flowers will be delivered on October 20 or 21.

Willow Springs Middle School Theatre

Save the Date! Saturday, October 20th for theSebastian and Friends Sing-A-Long. Join Sebastian and his "Under the Sea" friends for a morning of singing your favorite Disney's The Little Mermaid tunes. Meet the characters and enjoy fun activities with the cast of Disney's The Little Mermaid, Jr. Click here for more information.

Save the Date! November 1st, 2nd, 3rd for theWillow Springs Middle School Theatre and Choir departments presentation of Disney's The Little Mermaid Jr. Look for additional information in upcoming communications.

BYOP® Volleyball Fall Session
Pre-registration ends October 8
BYOP® Program Overview : These training programs are designed for any volleyball player ages 10 and under, no matter what skill or ability level, as long as their goal is to become the best they can be. Parents must be fully dedicated to being actively involved in this program. BYOP® will provide excellent volleyball fundamental skills training, as well as life lessons to both player and parent.
BYOP® Program Details : Each training session will build upon a solid foundation of all fundamental skills needed to participate in the sport of volleyball. Parents must be engaged in every training session and involved in the home training program involving physical and skills activities.
Join us for an introduction to BYOP® 101 on October 1st at Willow Springs Middle School. We will meet in the library from 6:00 - 7:00 PM.

Evening with the Majestics
October 12th
The LHS Majestics will host an Evening with the Majestics on Friday, October 12th at the Pink Out football game for Lovejoy ISD students in grades K - 6. The mini Majestics will learn a routine to perform on the field during the Pre-Game show. For detailed information, and to register, please click: Evening with the Majestics Registration.  The registration deadline is Wednesday, October 3rd

Red Out Homecoming Shirts Available from LHS Band
Order Now!
Have you purchased your Red Out Homecoming Shirt? Click here for more information and a printable order form. The deadline to order is October 12, 2018.

Lovejoy Upper 90 Soccer Boosters Host Juggling-A-Thon
Saturday, October 13th
The Upper 90 Soccer Booster Club will host a "Juggling-A-Thon" to help raise money for the program.  Each Soccer player will have 30 minutes to get his or her highest number of consecutive ball touches.  Prior to this event, the players will be seeking sponsorships for the number of touches they complete during their 30-minute juggling drill.  Please help support our 2019 Boys and Girls Soccer program with a sponsorship. 
For additional information, please contact:
Alex Duran, Head Boys Soccer Coach
Ian Keeble, Head Girls Soccer Coach
The team will perform their juggling drills for funds on Saturday, October 13th.  
Additional information will be made available as the event nears

The Lovejoy High School Majestics will host an Evening with the Majestics on Friday, October 12th at the Pink Out football game for Lovejoy ISD students in grades kindergarten through 6th. The mini Majestics will learn a routine to perform on the field during the Pre-Game show. For detailed information, and to register, please click: Evening with the Majestics Registration. The registration deadline is Wednesday, October 3rd.

Back to School: Important Transportation News
The Transportation Department is looking forward to welcoming your students to the 2018-2019 school year. Important news regarding requesting bus service, bus routes, stop locations, time, and the SafeStop School Bus Tracking App is now available. Click here for this important news.

Twitter and Facebook
Are  you following the district on  Twitter ?  Have you liked us on  Facebook ?  Join us on social media for news and announcements.

School Bus Safety Practices
We would like to remind everyone of the following school bus safety practices:
*When you see a school bus, assume children will be in the area, and take extra care: leave lots of space around the bus.
*When the bus turns on its flashing yellow lights, the bus is either preparing to stop at a railroad crossing or preparing to stop to pick up or drop off children.  Please slow down and prepare to stop. 
*When the bus turns on its flashing red lights traffic must stop in both directions.  Never pass a school bus with flashing red lights. 
Thank you for your assistance in helping to keep our students safe.

Lovejoy ISD is adding text messaging capability to SchoolMessenger, the system we use for phone calls and email communications for information such as school closings due to inclement weather. SchoolMessenger will be configured to send text messages to your wireless phone number(s), with your approval. Please confirm we have your accurate wireless phone number in the PowerSchool Parent Portal and then opt-in to participate by following the directions below.
In order to receive messages from Lovejoy ISD or your student's school via SMS text we must have your wireless number(s) in SchoolMessenger and receive an "Opt-In Confirmation" from your wireless device.
You can easily opt-in by simply sending "Y" (or "Yes"), via text message, to our SchoolMessenger Short Code number 67587.
The wireless number(s) you enter into the PowerSchool Parent Portal are updated nightly. If you update your wireless number, or add a new number, in the PowerSchool Parent Portal, the new number will automatically be sent an Opt-In message.
To access the PowerSchool Parent Portal,  please click here . If you have any questions, or if we may be of any assistance, please contact Stacey Dillon at 469.742.8003.

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