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Treated 1x with AgLogic vs Treated 2x with Imidacloprid
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Stronger & Taller Plants in Just 2 Months
In the photos above, the row in the middle missed an application of AgLogic aldicarb. In just 40 days, you can clearly see how the rows treated with AgLogic have taller plants, greater canopy, and significantly higher potential for increased yield.
AgLogic 15GG Aldicarb® Stops Pests so You Can Ramp Up Your Yields
Nematodes, Thrips, Aphids
Leafhoppers, Whitefiles, Mites
Fewer Nematodes = Bigger Plants
AgLogic not only kills pests — it outperforms the competition. In a study by Auburn University, AgLogic delivered the biggest increase in cotton plant height, biomass, and seed cotton yield.
Bar chart of Plant Height in cm
Bar chart of Biomass in g
Source: Evaluation of nematicide products for increasing cotton plant growth and yield and decreasing reniform population density on cotton in North Alabama, 2018
Stop Pests Before They Eat into Your Profits
Cotton treated with AgLogic aldicarb grows faster, has healthier foliage, and more vigorous root growth than competitive seed treatments and untreated seeds.
AgLogic 5 lb/acre vs Untreated
Untreated cotton at the 2-leaf stage sustained significant thrips injury versus plants treated with AgLogic.
Source: Clemson University Cotton/Soybean Insect Newsletter, May 8, 2020
“AgLogic gives the crops a healthier foundation from the roots up. When you consider the nematode suppression in addition to early-season pest control, it’s a consistent performer.”
Ron Smith
Entomologist, Auburn Cooperative Extension
Stimulate Faster Growth, More Vigorous Plants, and Quicker Row Closing
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