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April, 2020 | In this issue...
Up to your knees?
Your plant assessment, pump consultancy or project
You can rely on our service and knowledge
Our repair guru Barry
Intelligent eggs pass all their eggxams
It's competition time again!
Grill Phil
Wishing you all a very Happy Easter
Up to your knees?
Flooded basements are a common occurrence, especially at this time of year.

Basement flooding can occur when there is heavy rain, or a high water table, although it can actually happen to anyone who has a basement, even during periods of dry weather.

If you have a problem, it can easily be solved by use of a basement pump. Give us a shout.
Your plant assessment, pump consultancy or project...
Are you in need of a plant assessment, pump consultancy or would you simply like to discuss an upcoming project?

Following on from your free plant assessment, you can be reassured with excellent customer service, delivery of well-known brands and solutions tailor-made for you!

Your pump problems solved with a quick call.

Call us on + 44 (0) 1442 860000.
You can rely on our service and knowledge
Cougar strive to be the very best with field engineers second to none!

  • Your project covered
  • Your very own Cougar specialist ready to share their knowledge with you
  • 40 years of skill, knowledge and experience
  • Your very own dedicated team ready to help you

It's certainly not just pumps we look after!
Our repair guru Barry!
Barry is one of our well-known workshop engineers.

His role involves repairing and refurbishing pumps and getting them ready to be shipped all around the world.

Due to his incredible knowledge and expertise, Barry can bring even the most redundant pump back to life.

Here's Barry's latest workshop repair of a MASFF gear pump below.

Great work Barry!
"How is your homework Leah?"
"Coming close to my exams, I have been working hard on my coursework this month.

I find this exciting as I love learning and I feel that the more you learn about a subject, the more interesting it becomes.

I have spent this month learning about the components of a marketing campaign and how to form a campaign plan myself.

Before this, I didn't know how much planning takes place before the consumer sees the advertisement. This makes me look at any advert I see differently, as I can't help but think how long it has taken before me seeing it.
I am really excited about passing my course and then putting all my knowledge to good use in the Marketing at Cougar!".
We have a cracking Easter competition for you!
As it is nearly Easter, we thought it would be great to hold an eggciting competition for our readers.

It is really easy to enter. All you have to do is spot the number of eggs in the jar to the left. The clue is in the question!

The closest guess, can choose from one of the following prizes and our winner will feature in our next newsletter.

  • A Whittard of Chelsea, Coffee's of the World gift set
  • Kiehl's Ultimate Men's complete face and body skincare essentials
  • Kiehl's Limited Edition Women's Ultra Facial skincare essentials

Our competition is open to everyone and we will send the winner their prize anywhere in the world.
Get cracking and send your guess to Ellena by clicking on the link below. Our winner will be announced in next month's newsletter.
Grill Phil...
How can you help us deal with the restrictions relating to the current lockdown Phil?

What we have done so far is the following:-

1.  All our office staff are now working remotely and are available via email and telephone, so any enquiries you have will be handled in the normal way.

2.  Our engineering staff obviously cannot work from home, and they are working flat out on your sites to keep essential water and waste water services functioning.

3. Our workshop is still open, so if you need a pump repaired or refurbished, we're here to help.

3.  Our principle suppliers are also working hard to ensure continuity of supply, but due to the sharp decrease in air travel, goods, especially European ones, are taking longer to reach us.

Here’s the bit you can do to help yourselves.


Please, if you think you are going to need spares, repairs, installation, or even straightforward standard supplies look ahead and allow a little more time to get everything you want.

We will do everything we can to keep you working, and if you give us some notice, we can accommodate you.

Stay well, and I am here to answer your questions!
I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter
I hope that you enjoy spending the Easter break with family and loved ones during this testing time.

Have an eggcellent time!
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