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April, 2021 | In this issue...
You will find that less is more!
Invariably, in life, you will find that less is more.
Cougar are the only contact in the UK for Peerless Pumps, so if you need a pump or a spare part, get in touch with us today.

More applications, tailored for you.

· Fire Protection
· Municipal
· Power
· Industrial
· Process
· Commercial
· Agriculture

Practically Perfect Peerless Pumps.
Grill Phil!

Phil, apart from doing repairs do you also sell pumps?
Oh yes! Off the top of my head, I can tell you we sell

·        Peerless Pumps
·        Grundfos Pumps
·        Strate sewage stations
·        Lowara
·        Flygt
·        Ebara
·        Calpeda
·        Stuart-Turner
·        Cat Pumps
·        Mono Pumps
·        Tuthill
·        Obart
·        ABS
·        Sulzer

·        Wilo
·        CDR
·        Pedrollo
·        KSB
·        Roto
·        Netzsch
·        Lutz
·        Prominent
·        Crest
·        Efaflu
·        Caprari
·        Dual
·        Grosvenor
·        Espa
·        Xylem
·        Armstrong
·        Flux
·        and Godwin
There are probably more but I can’t remember everything!
Where's your pump hiding?
Wherever your pumps lurk, our ‘confined-space-entry’ and electrically qualified engineers will find and fix them. Your pumps systems are in good hands.

If your pumps need a major repair, they will be returned to our workshop for complete overhaul and a new 12-month guarantee.

Your on-site service includes:-

·        Safety check of electrical and mechanical components
·        Assessment of your pump in situ, looking for any damage, leaks, undue vibration or other
·        Submersible sewage/drainage pumps will be removed for physical inspection
·        Clean and check of float controls in any sumps
·        Analysis of your electrical connections to pumps and controls
·        Full inspection of control panel and their components
·        Electrical current readings
·        Operational check of high-level alarm units or other warning systems
·        Run and test of pump and control units
·        A report will be provided on completion of service, noting any immediate remedial action
or advisory notices for future consideration

Ooh, they're pretty!
There are many types of mechanical seals you might use as you will see from the image above.

You should see them when we get to replace them after years of turning in the dark, hot, cold, or nasty!

Shiny new ones available for all purposes.

Do get in touch with me if you need to shed a little light on yours!
Ready for take-off?
When lockdown ends will your pumps work?

Will the heating pumps run?

If it’s really warm you might need your chiller pumps!

We are currently taking bookings for service work into May and June of this year.

Whether it’s hot or cold water, sewage systems or any of your other plant that needs a service to ensure a smooth re-opening of your business, NOW is the time to get it booked in.

Do let me know.

Image : Pexels at Pixabay

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Customer reviews really matter to me as they help me to improve my understanding of the issues and challenges that you, our customers, are facing.

I would love to hear from you if one of my team has gone out of their way to help you and, equally important to me is hearing about any issues you may have that need resolving.
It’s really easy to send me your review.

Just click on the button below and let me know what you think.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Phil Harris, Managing Director
It's competition time again!
As it is nearly Easter, we thought it would be great to hold a competition for our readers.

It is really easy to enter. All you have to do is spot the number of eggs in the jar to the left.

The closest guess, can choose from one of the two prizes below.

  • A Whittard of Chelsea, Coffee's of the World gift set
  • A Whittard of Chelsea Alice in Wonderland mini caddy gift box containing three quintessentially English loose leaf black tea blends housed in mini caddies decorated with the original illustrations from Alice in Wonderland

Our competition is open to everyone and we will send the winner their prize anywhere in the world.
Get cracking and send your guess by clicking on the link below.

Our winner will be announced in next month's Newsletter. Good Luck !
Happy Easter
Wishing you a crackingly great Easter break with your family and loved ones.

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