Put some “Spring” into Reshoring!

Reshoring is used to distribute the applied construction load to lower levels to ensure that the newly cast floor slab will not become overloaded and overstressed. After a shoring release has been received, reshoring may be installed. Making solid contact between the post shore and the slab is critical for both safety and speed. Let the OCM Spring-a-Ling allow you to pass these required safety inspections with higher confidence and speed! Check out our short installation video on our website. In stock today!

OCM Spring-A-Ling reshore spring clips are used in conjunction with typical steel post shores to allow for minimal floor deflection while curing. OCM Spring-a-Ling is easily installed and provides a much better life cycle than traditional inspection tags.
Traditional Method
Traditional methods require the use of inspection tags. Manual Tags are expensive to install and maintain. They are slow to install, get wet, lost, or damaged. They are undependable.
Time Saving Method!
The OCM Spring-a-Ling is made of “springy” steel that provides a longer life cycle and has lengthened tabs that are coated in bright yellow to improve visibility. After placement, deflection is clearly noted by the elongation of the yellow tabs, ensuring positive contact with the floor slab above for easy inspection!

Installation is easy! Simply push the “V” shape” of the Spring-a-Ling into the opening of your post shore. Install post shore as normal and your Spring-a-Ling is installed, ready for inspection.
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