DDC to Meet with Putnam Triangle Community
"Why don't they just put some benches back in?" 
plus a Community Meeting about Putnam Construction.

Starting with the question we hear everyday, "Why don't they just put some benches back in?" Fair question. We  at FAB are also frustrated by this situation where the plaza was closed off by the Department of Design & Construction (DDC) before all the Contractor's paperwork was in order.

Based on what we have been told by DDC and the Department of Transportation (DOT), once the City cleared the plaza of boulders and other protective elements in anticipation of construction supposedly about to start, there is nothing that can be done. Without those protective elements, the entire site is exposed so no benches or other seating is possible.

DDC Agrees to Meet with the Community.
Date and Location to be announced.

DDC has agreed to FAB's request for a Community Meeting where they will present an overview of the reconstruction of Putnam Triangle, provide updates on issues, review the construction schedule, and answer questions from the audience. Date and location to be announced - most likely September, once the MTA Permit Issue is resolved and concrete information on the construction schedule is available.


Is there something you would like added to the agenda? If so, please send us an eMail and we will submit it to DDC. Here is the list of  topics  FAB asked DDC to address when we requested this Community Meeting:
  • Reason for the delay in Construction activity since the plaza was taken off-line and made a construction site
  • Confirmation of Completion Date
  • Work Schedule:  Days of week, hours
  • Overview of the final product (number of new trees, lighting, planted areas, flat surface, utilities for possible future kiosk, etc.)
  • Construction Schedule based on actual start of construction activity... through completion date. What kind of work people can expect to see, for how long, over the course of the project
  • Water Service Interruptions (WSI):  Explanation for the work, and what it will entail. Plus, "Tap Cards and Distribution Map" to show what buildings will be impacted. Also, confirmation that WSI to be scheduled during night time hours
  • Location of storage area(s)
  • Bus Stop:  Temporary relocation... where to, when and how long?
  • Answer Questions from the Audience
Send us your topics for this Community Meeting. Once the date and location is set, FAB will promote the meeting widely, including posting flyers on the construction site, posters in the neighborhood, social media, and eBlasts including the people on this list... with a request for you to help spread the word to your neighbors.

NYC / DOT "Street Seats" Installed at Fulton & Grand
The NYC/DOT program to create a "mini" temporary public space called "StreetSeats" has been installed by FAB in partnership with DOT directly across from Putnam Triangle. There are tables and chairs - and plants are coming soon.  While certainly not the same as the plaza, this is an attempt (in a small way) to help people enjoy being outside while Putnam Triangle is a construction site.  The platform is open and available for everybody to use.

The Reconstruction of Putnam Triangle Plaza 
To learn more about the project, view community board presentations, review project FAQs and see renderings of what the completed plaza will look like,  visit fabfulton.org/PutnamTriangle

The construction project is managed by the NYC Department of Design & Construction (NYC/DDC).  For construction related inquiries, contact the NYC/DDC field office:   347-533-8833 , or by eMail:   hwkp2029@gmail.com

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Thank you,
Phillip Kellogg 
Executive Director
FAB Alliance

Information was provided to the FAB Alliance by the NYC Department of Design & Construction (DDC). FAB is distributing this information to keep you informed about the activities related to the reconstruction of the Putnam Triangle Pla za. View Renderings.