September 2020

As we continue to move forward while trying to minimize disruptions, adapt to restrictions and implement programs to meet changing needs, we are more convinced than ever that accreditation is a foundation that will allow any organization to be better equipped to handle challenges now and in the future.

We’ve included information both here and on our website to illustrate the positive ways in which organizations are making significant strides this year. We hope you will find value in these ideas as well. 

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Determining Which Accrediting Body is Right For You
Selecting a national accrediting body to work with is a significant undertaking. Because of the investment in time, money and effort, we’ve provided you with some things to think about in September’s video. For more ideas on how we can help with the accreditation process, contact us at 212.209.0240 or email
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September is Suicide Prevention and National Recovery Month:
Tragic, complicated but treatable and preventable. Facts and information can be found at the links below:
Families First News:
The Children’s Defense Fund released the Family First Guide to help agencies in their efforts to implement the FFPSA. The guide has some very straightforward information and is broken down into specific sections for ease of reference.
Accreditation In ActionTM
Congratulations to Advocates for Children for achieving accreditation through COA! They were a great team to work with and were eager to see this process through.
“Working with Accreditation Guru gave Advocates the confidence going into the site visit that we were ready! A great experience!” Rachel Castillo, President & CEO, Advocates for Children
Advocates for Children serves 11 Northwest Georgia counties and over 8000 children, youth and adults every year. 
Company News
This month, we are proud to be celebrating 11 years of helping organizations Prepare for Greatness! Quick Read on how it all began here.
Accreditation Guru Is On the (Virtual) Road! If you are planning on attending any of the following virtual conferences, stop by and see us this Fall:

Sept 23-24:

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AG Continues to Grow Fulfilling our commitment to high-quality, customized solutions would NOT be possible without the experience and wealth of knowledge that each of our consultants bring to the table. We have set the bar very high with our consulting team, and are excited to bring on two more who meet the AG standard of excellence! We are sure clients will benefit from their knowledge and perspective. Welcome
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