It seems we've all been busy putting Phono-Graphix to work since our last newsletter! 


We have some great projects in the works here at the Phono-Graphix Reading Company--news items to follow soon. But we are excited to share some great stories now, from members changing lives with Phono-Graphix.

You Can't Keep a Texan Down
Blythe Grossman, experienced Phono-Graphix teacher and newly licensed trainer was all set to start her first Phono-Graphix certification course when Hurricane Harvey hit. 

We prayed for her, her family, neighbors and colleagues as her starting day came and went without word. But she, her family and her school are "Houston Strong" picking up the pieces and getting back to work.  The flood waters haven't even receded, but Blythe will conduct a certification course starting next week for her school staff at The Mandarin Immersion Magnet School in the heart of Houston, Texas. 
Advocating for Dyslexics
A documentary is underway about a mother and her dyslexic daughter, a pupil of  The Odyssey School  in Stevenson, Maryland. The Odyssey school uses Phono-Graphix extensively. Marcia Peterson, M.S., CCC-SLP and Cindy Lemieux, B.S., M., Ed., long-time Phono-Graphix trainers at Odyssey have offered Phono-Graphix Certification Courses every summer for many years. 

The documentary will show what Mia Hembling and her Mom Liz went through when none of her teachers could help her, how she finally found the help she needed at Odyssey, and about the grass-roots movement Liz has started, pushing for mandatory testing and teacher-training in our schools. 

For a sneak preview of this  American Public Media documentary:
A Reading Camp to Change Lives
Phono-Graphix member, Swen Nater is spear-heading a reading camp for under-performing students at Kealakehe High School on the Big Island of Hawaii in October, working with commendable commitment from the school's ELL coordinator Kealiionalani Freitas and principal, Wil Murakami

Coach Nater, who ran impressive reading camps from 1998-2003 as Director of Employee Outreach for Costco, is volunteering his time and considerable experience for the camp. He has put together what he calls his 'A-Team' to work with 15 students, mostly ELL freshmen and sophomores, most of whom are reading at only a 3rd or 4th grade level, and to train teachers at the school to help future students. 

The week will combine a solid Phono-Graphix foundation with Language Wise lessons and the fluency work of Read Naturally. Joining Coach Nater will be myself (Erin Duncan, CEO of the Phono-Graphix Reading Company); Swen's assistant when he ran the Costco reading program, Scott Breckridge, a master teacher in his own right,  to help lead the Phono-Graphix lessons and fire up the students ; and Wendy Ghiora, Swen's wife and retired California middle school principal, who volunteered to administer Read Naturally and run the teacher learning teams that will help sustain the instruction. Swen at 6'11" next to me at 5'3" will make quite a picture.
We'll keep you posted on how it goes!

Special thanks to the following donors, helping to make this camp possible:
QK Healthcare, Inc.
Costco Kailua-Kona

We wish you the best of luck putting Phono-Graphix to work this school year! Be sure to email us your own stories to share.
All the best,
Erin Duncan, Chief Executive Officer
Phono-Graphix Reading Company
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