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2016 Program Resultsresults

We are excited about our 2016 results. ALearn helped over 1,350 students get math strong, college ready - which brings us to a total of 9,200 students since 2007!  Notably, 62% of our summer Catalyst High School students taking Algebra 1 advanced to Geometry in their freshman year, which is a pass rate 150% higher than during the school year.
While our purpose is to prepare students from underserved backgrounds for success in college and beyond, our impact  goes beyond just ALearn students. The 108 educators, who train with ALearn and teach our students, go on to impact over 7,500 more students during the school year.  We are combatting the California teacher shortage by building a pipeline of future teachers, with 57% of our teaching assistants aspiring to become teachers, and are now teaching at East Side Union High School District, Sunnyvale, Cupertino and Fremont school districts.
"This program provided me with many more resources to incorporate into my classroom as well as different teaching strategies that I'm very certain will prove to be useful. I also grew as a teacher in regards to working alongside a peer and figuring out new ideas of how to approach student needs."
             - ALearn Catalyst High School teacher

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"I am infinitely thankful for all the bits of encouragement that opened my eyes to so many opportunities."Speeches 

- Jacquelin Ramírez, ALearn's Outstanding Catalyst High School Student for 2016

ALearn is grateful to the inspiration that comes from our 2016 Outstanding Achievement Awardees.

Read below the Dream Makers Dinner 2016 acceptance speeches to learn how ALearn has changed their trajectory.

Lizbeth approached difficult concepts and problems as a challenge. She worked with everyone in her class and often showed them her process but not the answer.
"Math is easy for me now."

- Lizbeth Martínez , ALearn's Outstanding MAP Student for 2016

"To me, ALearn is a successful program. I recommend this program to other students. I was excited to start program, it was something new to me. I've never been to a summer program. I enjoyed getting a head start in learning about college. And learning about a fixed versus growth mindset.
What I like most about this program is learning the math. It helped me be successful at math. It helped me in quizzes and tests and school.
Math is easy for me now. In the future I would like to go to Stanford University to study to become a teacher.

Thank you for this award and God bless you all."
Jacquelin demonstrated leadership qualities by her diligence and positive attitude during assignments and the help she provided her fellow classmates during class.
"I saw many of my classmates moved by the stories of how anyone can build a future."

- Jacquelin Ramírez, ALearn's Outstanding Catalyst High School Student for 2016

"This program benefits so many other kids like me. There were so many opportunities to get help with the amazing teachers and the programs were very motivational.
I saw many of my classmates moved by the stories of how anyone can build a future. It was such a great experience. I gained so much confidence in my math skills, which are the foundation to everything.
Not only did I get a head start for high school, but not only that, it showed me ways to starting thinking about college. I found that I want to become an obstetrician, and while I debate what college to attend, I will become a teacher assistant at ALearn and become the role model that I had during the program.
I will be the first to attend a four year college; it has now become my priority. This program has shown me just how important and possible it is to obtain a higher education. It does contain a lot of work and a lot of stress. But my dad has told me countless times - if I can just endure these laborious years of hard work and study, it will all pay off when I become well educated and have a career and build a future for myself."
with a bit of microphone
Edgar inspired his students by sharing his personal experiences as well as academic struggles and successes, making the path to college more meaningful and relatable.
"I learned that I enjoyed teaching a lot, so I'm getting my teaching credential. "

- Edgar Chavarria, ALearn's Outstanding Teaching Assistant (TA) for 2016

"I'm able to share my experience of going to college and my path, which is a little different than most people. I had a low GPA in high school, but I went to community college and am now going to SJSU. I will be graduating this semester with a very high GPA.
I did ALearn's summer program and learned that I enjoyed teaching a lot, so I'm getting my teaching credential.
The Catalyst High School program gives me an hour a week to talk to the students - to explain everything that I've done to get to college. Students at East Side Union High School District relate to me a little bit more since I came from that district. If they need anything, I'll come and show up. It's a great program."
Paul praised the students every chance he could with his phrase: "you are awesome." Paul created an interactive, engaging environment by relating math back to the real world, e.g., his students calculated the speed of a Frisbee when it was thrown down a football field.

"ALearn is a unique opportunity. They allow us to bring growth mindset into the classroom.

Growth mindset makes it a lot easier to teach when students aren't afraid to learn. When they're not afraid to fail, they tend to be successful.

When it is ok to make a mistake, it is easier to learn."
Our program team - Susi, Kelsey and Christine - decorates the tree
Catalyst to College and GEM students create decorations for our community tree at San José's Christmas in the ParkGEM
San José's Christmas in the Park is an annual celebration from November to January that brings Bay Area communities together to share winter traditions, including beautiful holiday displays, ice skating, and hot chocolate. Every year over 500 Christmas trees are decorated by local non-profits, schools, community groups, and businesses. This is ALearn's first year of joining in on the festivities.

ALearn's tree shines with multicolored globes made by students. GEM students made 3-D shapes (polyhedrons) by folding and gluing green, purple, pink, and blue paper, while Catalyst to College students designed orbs representing the colleges they aspire to attend using puff paint, mod podge, and university logos. Colleges represented include UCLA, SJSU, UC Berkeley, and UC Santa Cruz! 

Please visit our tree at the Plaza de César Chávez Park, open until January 1, 2017.

Thank you to our 2016 Dream Makers! Sponsors 

Math Strong. College Ready.