From one extremity to the other...

Last month we focused on hands because...well because everyone is focusing on hands these days! So this month we'll take a look at our other set of extremities - feet!

The foot is a complex structure made up of 26 bones and 33 joints, all connected through a network of muscles, ligaments, and nerves. With each step taken, the foot experiences excessive force from carrying the weight of the body, oftentimes leading to painful injuries that are accelerated by natural wear-and-tear. It is no wonder that 75 percent of all Americans will experience foot problems at one point or another in their lifetimes. Two common foot problems are bunions and hammertoe

A bunion occurs when the big toe begins to deviate toward the second toe. The biggest misconception is that bunions occur from an overgrowth of bone. While that may be true in a very few people, the bunion really represents a dislocation of the big toe joint as it bulges against the skin.

Two years ago, Seaside introduced Lapiplasty, a 3-D bunion treatment performed first by surgeon-partner Evgeny Krynetskiy, M.D. Lapiplasty is the first and only procedure specifically developed to correct all 3 dimensions of a bunion deformity, at the root of the problem. Watch the video on our website.

Hammertoes are most frequently caused by structural problems in the toe or from wearing poor fitting shoes. It causes the middle joint to bend. It is important to diagnose and treat hammertoe early because the condition tends to become worse over time. If left untreated, hammertoe can require surgery.

We have four surgeon-partners who specialize in foot and ankle surgery. In addition to Dr. Krynetskiy, Drs. Chris Calcagni, Michael Petrocelli, and Jamie Weaver can help you put your best foot forward. 
Hand-holding is one of our specialties!

"I had the best possible experience at Seaside Surgery Center. The center is immaculate and everyone who helped me from start to finish was terrific, including my podiatry surgeon, Dr. Calcagni. Everything ran so smoothly and on time. 

"The professionals there are very warm and comforting and clearly introduced themselves, so I always knew who I was speaking with, I found this very humane. All the staff there appear to have nice working relationships with each other, and this is a sign of good management. Having an IV catheter placed in my hand is such a traumatic experience for me. I only have it in my hand because my veins are better there but the nurse, Eileen was very reassuring that she would make it easy for me. She gave me a teeny tiny needle of lidocaine before she went into my vein and I never felt a thing; I didn't even know it was in. Also, another nurse held my hand while it was happening. Eileen even brought me coffee while I was waking up. I can't say enough, thank you Seaside."
-Karen Brockman 

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