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February 9th, 
Bill Brown presents: 
Our special guest speaker for the Thursday, February 9th meetup will be William Brown, a civil engineer, master architect, founder of and creator of the Golden Pyramid House (see his website for more details). He was a guest speaker at the 2016 Global Pyramid Conference.  Bill has traveled to the Egyptian pyramids more than 52 times, and will be sharing his in-depth knowledge and insight of his findings with us.  
Photo taken by aerial view in 1904 over Giza. What do you identify here? 

Date: Thursday, Feb. 9th, 7-9pm
: The Gathering Lighthouse (630-415-5842)
: 26 N. Park Ave, Lombard, IL 60148 
Cost : $20 **

If you've never attended one of our Meetups, this month you'll receive a special price for only $10
Featured News:
Tom Duott's Greenhouse Pyramids
For over forty years, owners Tom and Pennie Doutt have studied, developed, experimented with and built pyramid greenhouses, which have been sold worldwide. 
Tom Doutt Enterprise is a family operated business located 15 minutes south of Sedona, Arizona in the heart of Verde Valley. The owner and founder, Tom Doutt, has spent the last 40 years developing and manufacturing pyramids.

Tom Duott's 2017 Pyramid Press Release:  
     " I started making and selling pyramids in Seattle Washington in 1975, (42 years ago).  The first pyramids were made from steel tubing with a copper cap.  What inspired me to further explore the energies of the pyramids, were the results that I saw in the people who were sleeping or meditating under them.  Many people reported that after sleeping and meditating within the pyramid that their aches and pains either lessened or dissipated.  These people were sleeping better and overall felt better after being within the energizing power of the pyramid.
     In 1977, I moved to Sedona Arizona to study and learn about the discoveries of other scientists such as, Walter Russell, Lao Russell, Nikola Tesla and many others.  What I learned, was that there are four magnetic poles, two of which generate the "Life Force", and two which generate the "Death Cycle".  The generative side of these energies is North and South, or an inward spiral multiplication. The Pyramid amplifies these life force energies.  It was during this time that I also began manufacturing the pyramids out of copper tubing and fittings.  In 1980, I had a vision while meditating of installing copper rings at the top of the pyramid to further amplify the life force energies.  
     In 1990, I built a pyramid greenhouse with 9 concentric rings which resulted in amazing growth as well as many of the plants being able to continue to grow and produce in freezing weather, thus overcoming the "Death Cycle".  The growth of the vegetables grown in the greenhouse was phenomenal, producing fruits that were extraordinarily sweet with none of the acidic taste found in store bought vegetables. The pyramid greenhouse sets up a vibration that plants seem to be in harmony with which enhances..... " Read More...
Announcing the 
2017 Pyramid Tours:
  "Bosnia, Pyramids and Spirituality Tour"
A Metaphysical Tour and Healing Extension! 
 June 15th - 26th, 2017
For more information, contact: Marta Thomas -

COMING - November 2017:
"Egypt, Pyramids and Spirituality Tour"
Stay tuned for more information on the November 2017 tour to see Egypt's pyramids and more!