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Pyramid School of Feng Shui
In the last of this series, learn about the most scientific of the perspectives, Pyramid Feng Shui, from the experts.

What is the Pyramid School of Feng Shui?
Pyramid Feng Shui is a contemporary western adaptation of ancient Chinese Feng Shui, integrating biology, psychology, cultural anthropology, physics and other environmental considerations to assess how an individual experiences their environment.

In Pyramid Feng Shui, the person is the central concern, so we incorporate the knowledge gathered from Biology, Psychology, Geology and other social/physical sciences. We also factor in the effects of color, music/sound, aroma, light and design. All of these bring Feng Shui into a contemporary paradigm, one that is responsive to life challenges and sensitive to today’s cultural diversity. Recommendations are substantiated using information from these social and scientific fields.


Feng Shui Tip - Dispel the Myths
Feng shui is not a religion
Feng shui is not a generic formula of do’s and don’ts
Feng shui is not as simple as moving your sofa
Feng shui is not only about specific objects or Asian decor
Feng shui is not voodoo
Feng shui does not dictate or judge

Dragonflies and Feng Shui
Feng shui is another tool in the law of attraction. You get what you process through your many senses. Everything you say, think and see, hear, smell, and taste all connect you with something.

Find out more about how the scientific perspective of Pyramid Feng Shui is similar to the complexities of the success of the highly advanced dragonfly - intercepting the target, compiling multiple images, analyzing symbols of space and more to transform a client's life.

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Pyramid Feng Shui Bagua

Pyramid Feng Shui is the scientifically based study of the person-place connection. Because of this, the Pyramid bagua is slightly different than any you may have seen before taking into consideration without trying to influence religion, culture or personal design aesthetics.

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