Pyropel Polyimide Products
Pyropel® is a unique, rigid, lightweight polyimide fiberboard with superior insulating properties across a broad temperature range. 

Through a patented process in which it is three-dimensionally reinforced, it is self-supporting and exceptionally tough and durable.
Pyropel offers an unmatched combination of insulating performance and assembly advantages. 

Manufactured in a wide variety of product types, Pyropel is available in a thickness and density to meet your specific application needs.
Unmatched Versatility
  • Exceptional rigidity, resilience, strength, and versatility
  • High-temperature resistance
  • 100% chemical-resistant polyimide
  • Not chemically affected by solvents, acids, or fuels
  • Self-supporting, 3-dimensionally reinforced
  • Can be converted into a wide range of shapes/configurations
  • Lightweight compared to conventional materials
  • Nontoxic – contains no adhesives, binders, coatings, or finishes
  • Bonds well with most resins and binders
Extended Temperature Performance
  • Cryogenic temperatures as low as -300°F and continuous use at temperatures as high as +550°F
  • Thermally and dimensionally stable for short periods at temperatures up to +800°F
  • Pyropel will not melt, drip, or support combustion
  • Extremely low heat release
  • Emits no smoke when subjected to ignition sources
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