Dear Parents,

We have received many suggestions and feedback from families as we navigate this Distance Learning journey together.  We wanted to respond with a message to all, as some of you may have the same thoughts or questions.
  1. Can the teacher put together a document that covers all of my child's coursework for the week?
There are a few constraints that do not allow this to be possible at this time.  Please understand that the teachers do not have access to view one another's portal pages.  So, for example, Mrs. Kamyszek cannot go into each 3rd grade teacher's account and compile a list of assignments for each 3rd grade subject. That is why we have asked parents to click on each subject area for their children.
  1. Having assignments in the special area classes is too much and requires a lot of time to click on each page for every child.  Can these assignments be optional?
We have asked special area teachers to post just 1 assignment per week, so you will only need to check the special area teachers' pages once per week. Our faculty has prepared lessons in all subject areas to maintain the quality learning and education you have come to know at HDS. However, we understand that there are only so many hours in the day, and some things simply cannot get accomplished. To that end, we respect the fact that families may have to prioritize what learning tasks get completed and when.
  1. Can the teachers post all of their planned lessons the week before?
In the real world of teaching, teachers may have a sketch or outline of what they are teaching for the week, but it changes day to day depending on students' needs. In this virtual world of teaching, teachers are still planning daily lessons, so information posted at the beginning of the week may change significantly over the course of the week.  Therefore, checking the academic subjects each day is necessary.
  1. Can we have different office hours with teachers if we have questions?
Teacher office hours are from 3:00-4:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday.  However, if this time frame poses a challenge for any parent or student, please email that teacher and s/he will set up an alternative time to meet with your child.
  1.   What do I do if my child is unable to complete a particular assignment?
All you need to do is to email your child's teacher or jump online during office hours. We promise we are all very flexible. Communication is key, and we are happy to make any adjustments as needed.

Finally, we want to reiterate that we know everyone is doing the best that they can in challenging times -  teachers, parents, and caregivers, administrators. We want to support one another and hope that you find the answers to these questions helpful.

Thank you,
HDS Administration 
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