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Q&A: A Conversation About Practice by Paraprofessionals & Non-Attorney Firm Ownership

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Friday, April 23, 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
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About the Program
The State Bar’s Paraprofessional Working Group and Closing the Justice Gap Working Group are poised to permanently change the practice of law in California by allowing paraprofessionals to perform legal work in certain administrative and court proceedings, including potentially allowing them to be paid on a contingency basis, and by allowing non-attorney ownership of law firms and fee-sharing with non-attorneys. This second part of our “Updates on State Bar Authorization of Practice by Paraprofessionals & Non-Attorney Firm Ownership” series will be a conversation answering audience questions from the first webinar and those submitted by registrants. Topics will include how will these changes intersect with unauthorized practice of law regulations? How do public interest and legal aid organizations feel about these proposals? Will there be an impact on attorneys’ State Bar fees or malpractice insurance premiums? What are the roles of the legislature, governor, and Supreme Court with respect to these proposed rule changes? And what are the specific actions attorneys can take to express their views about these changes?
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