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Are you a blogger who wants to speed up your writing so you can publish a lot more fresh content in the same amount of time?

Well, here's a little trick that can help a lot: Use your microphone instead of your keyboard.

Simply get yourself a good dictation app and "speak" your posts instead of typing them.

There are several excellent dictation apps out there, and after a few sessions they will know how to interpret what you're saying and immediately convert your speech into text.

When you're finished you can go back and make any needed edits with your keyboard.

This process can easily reduce the time it takes to "write" a blog post by as much as 80%.


From the blog...

There's a very dangerous malicious app being installed on countless devices right now. Is it on your Android phone or tablet?

A reader wants to know how she can 'hide' from someone that's stalking her on Facebook. This post lists several settings changes that can help.

Most people believe browsing in 'Incognito' or 'Private' mode will hide their tracks online. The truth is, it won't.

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Rick's Daily Pick...

If you've been looking for a way to safely raise your computer monitor by a few inches while adding a bit of extra storage, this adjustable monitor stand with a slide-out drawer could be exactly what you need.

It also has a handy slot for holding your smartphone or tablet.


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I have written a couple of eBooks filled with tips for staying safe and secure on Facebook and keeping your Windows 10 installation secure from hackers and scammers. Check them out.


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