NEWSLETTER - Volume 2 - Issue 1 - January 27, 2019
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  1. Commitment vs Covenant by Linda Brady
  2. Q & A with Linda Brady
  3. Honoring the Sun in Capricorn by Linda Brady
  4. On My Mind by Michael Brady
  5. Inspiration Circle by Karen Krull
  6. Suzanne Murray Promo
Commitment vs. Covenant by Linda Brady
You have made your New Year’s resolutions. By now I suspect many of them have been rationalized away or forgotten altogether. Years ago I learned that resolutions are commitments we make with ourselves and covenants are commitments we make with our Souls and God. I can sabotage myself in a myriad of ways to discount or ignore my resolutions to myself. I am not as likely to break my word with my Soul and God. Michael and I began a healthy life style of great eating and walking on December 27. I have lost 16 pounds, Michael has lost 15 since then. I call on my Soul and God each day to keep me strong. Now we also have the planet Saturn to help us stay on our path. The planet Saturn is the epitome of the wise father, the responsible leader and the benign boss. He requires loyalty and compassion, goals and commitments, dedication and power. He is earth and stability. He knows and loves structure. Please refer to our September issue for more guidelines on how to incorporate this powerful energy into your own life.

My Saturn in Capricorn manual is available digitally for $15.00. Send your request to My husband Michael has created meditations to support all facets of Saturn in Capricorn. They are available for $4.00. The link for drop box is on my website, Karmic

For more information about Saturn in Capricorn refer to our book Discovering Your Soul Mission: New Rules for a New Age, now also available on kindle.
QUESTION: Hi Linda, Thank you for your beautiful meditation. I used it to help me through my Mother’s passing. I do have a question. How do you find Serendipity in the loss of a loved one?

ANSWER:  In my 43 years of practice, your question has been asked more times that I can count. From a young Mother whose three year son was killed in a drive by shooting, to a daughter mourning the death of her father who suicided. In each case, after supporting my client through their grief, we would analyze the astrological chart of the person who passed. I was looking for the meaning of their passing by determining the location of the planets and their influence on the chart. Then I shared their final story with my client. When I shared that information, it created an opportunity for my client to understand the serendipity of the event for themselves. Finally, in the case of death by violence, it is necessary to understand the big picture of karma. How did the death balance previous life experience? I know, even as I write this, how it feels. On an earthly level it is horribly unfair to be victimized in this manner and anger and rage as a reaction is normal and healthy. Yet as we search for Serendipity knowing the person’s past lives provides powerful insight as to why the death occurred.

QUESTION: I am a Sagittarius. I know Jupiter is my ruling planet. What does that mean for me?

ANSWER:  That is hard to answer. It depends on what sign, out of the 12 signs, your Jupiter is in and what astrological house within which it falls. I would suggest you get your astrological chart done and then ask me a specific question base on Jupiter placement.
Honoring the Sun in Capricorn by Linda Brady

" By three methods we may learn wisdom: first by reflection, which is noblest; second by imitation, which is easiest; third through experience, which is bitterest."    Confucius
(Elephants and
Goats = Capricorn)

Capricorn represents: the physical body (especially the knees and the skeletal system, which is the foundation of our body); boundaries, responsibilities, abandonment of old forms and the principal of contraction. Through this principal, we learn to work with limitations, standards of conduct and rules to create a stable foundation. This stable foundation allows us to conduct life with greater security, self knowledge and wisdom. Success occurs within Capricorn when we ground ourselves in mature wisdom.

Think about an older person who has had a great impact on your growth and maturity and has inspired you to become wiser. Use the following questions to analyze their impact on you Describe what they are/were like. Once you've answered the questions, I encourage you to commit to incorporating or maintaining those qualities in your daily life in order to align with, and therefore create a smoother road as we travel through this time.

  1. What kind of feelings do you/did you have for them? 
  2. What gifts of wisdom do they/did they give you?
  3. How do/did they help you mature?
  4. How do they/did they symbolize the best of Capricorn?
On My Mind by Michael Brady
"Just Let That Shit Go!"
I recently received a coffee mug as a gift. It has a Buddha sitting cross legged on the front and the phrase, “just let that shit go” is written below it. As we forge the beginning of the next 2000 years, the Age of Aquarius, we are indeed being called on to let go of 2000 years of unresolved Karmic beliefs and emotions. It is easy (instantaneous) to “change our mind.” After all, thought travels very quickly through the neural circuits in our head; however, emotions are released by our body much more slowly.
So, first we have to change our minds about something. Then we have to “stick to our decisions” long enough for our feelings (our emotions, our attitudes, our mood) to change. Only then, when our brain and our body, our head and our heart, our thought and our feelings are in harmony with each other, does anything really “stick to our wall,” or manifest.
Karl Jung said whenever there is a conflict between what we think and what we feel…feelings always trump thinking. In other words, emotions dominate thought and control what shows up or manifests. So, if you think something and feel mad, sad, scared or ashamed (guilty) about it, those feelings trump the thought. Well now…that’s a conundrum. Feelings control what shows up and what shows up is not what we wanted. By the way, this is why most popular affirmation programs don’t work. They concentrate on thinking and ignore emotions.
Nothing shows up in the physical plane until you think it first…with both of your minds (or your whole mind), your head (thoughts) and your heart (emotions).
This is why acknowledging and connecting and being in relationship with our “Inner Child” is so important in this lifetime. When we were little (birth to 7 years old), we were all connected to our emotions the strongest. During those years we were taught to disconnect and disregard our feelings. One of the things young children are adept at is pure desire. I call it “childlike longing.” You know, that whole body, all in, emotion-sensation thing. I want that bicycle, doll, etc. right now, more than anything feeling. It’s in your body. It’s not a thought. And when mom or whoever says, “Well Christmas is coming,” or “it’s not your birthday yet,” you can hardly stand it. And you think about the desired object over and over and get that feeling, that pressure, in you each time.
That child like longing is a very special tool to reconnect with, to discover again as a grown up. Child like longing can counter or cancel feelings like scared, sad, guilty, and mad. And that creates alignment between our heads and our hearts. That is congruent creation. It’s just a matter of time before that creation manifests.
Well actually it can be a little more complicated than this. But I want to keep these articles short. So I will write more about this later. For now, think about two things. Connecting to your inner child and taking up the task of healing and parenting that child for the rest of your life. Develop an ongoing constant relationship inside with them. And second, think about all the emotional baggage in your life, and if you can, your past life emotional baggage. Are you ready…to finally…”let that shit go?!”

by Karen Krull 
You lack nothing...
use what I gave you.
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