Q&A With TeamQuest Participant Hannah Moloney
As National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week approaches (September 26-October 1), we thought it would be a great idea to go in depth with someone who is involved from many angles.  Hannah Moloney is a TeamQuest participant, young adult with dyslexia, and the daughter of our newest DC Branch President.  Join us as we take a look into her time spent leading up to her first race, what TeamQuest means to her, and advice she has for people with dyslexia.

Megan: What does being part of TeamQuest mean to you?
Hannah: Being a part of TeamQuest meant spending time with and supporting my mom as she moved into a new role as president of the DC Branch of the International Dyslexia Association. For me, it was also a personal challenge to run the longest distance of my life, raise as much money as possible, and meet new people who are dedicated to a great cause.

M: How did you prepare for your first TeamQuest race?
H:  I trained for about two months running three or four days a week. I made some great playlists and saw parts of my neighborhood and my city I'd never seen before.

M: Are you doing anything different to prepare for your next TeamQuest race?
H:  I haven't signed up for my next race yet but I'd really like to. I think I would train similarly, maybe with more cross training so I can get an even faster time! It would be awesome to train as a team, motivate each other, and maybe find someone with a similar pace for race day.

M: Who has been your biggest cheerleader?
H:  My biggest cheerleader was either my mom or my good friend in San Francisco. I have a great app that tracks my pace and mileage and I would send screenshots to them after my runs so they would keep me motivated.

M: Why?
H: They knew that it made me very happy to be challenging myself and reaching my goals week by week.

M: What would you like to see the funds you raised support?
H: Increased development of a cohesive IDA national brand, spreading awareness of the organization, teacher training at the university level on a much larger scale

M: Do you have any words of encouragement for people with dyslexia?
H:  Read and write forever, even though it might be hard. Find something that interests you to read or write about and keep at it.

M: When you hear "dyslexia" what is the first word that pops into your head? (One word)
H:  Challenge
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