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The Hock Tools Newsletter
#3 / 2017

We’re soon on our way to Amana, Iowa for Handworks,a handtool extravaganza like nothing we’ve ever seen (www.handworks.co). We’re keeping things simple, bringing a sampling of our products and a lot of order forms. Hock Tools has a great spot close to the door, across from Breese Planes and Benchcrafted. The list of woodworking handtool makers showing and talking up their wares is unbelievable. We’re thrilled to be involved again this year and look forward to seeing you there!
This photo appeared together with an article by Kelci Parks and Mary Rose Kaczorowski about the fire in our local newspaper, The Fort Bragg Advocate-News.
You may have heard me talk about Isaac Fisher, Hock Tools’ woodworking maven. Isaac either designs or helps design our kits, and makes all the parts himself. Isaac is an important part of Hock Tools. He’s a consummate craftsman, answers woodworker’s questions all the time, and helps others whenever needed. His shop – in a building occupied by several other friends’ businesses, is a hop-skip-and-a-jump from the Hock Tools shop. I’m sorry to say it, but that building almost completely burned down a little over a week ago. Everyone is safe! But, the story is long, sad, and filled with loss for several artisans.
We got lucky with Isaac, who is a remarkable man, I must say. Thanks to Isaac’s quick thinking, we could salvage most of what he was working on for Hock Tools, and it looks as though these tools will be just fine. Most of his machinery and lumber inventory are undamaged but we’ve decided to postpone bringing out our newest tool, Isaac’s scraper plane kit that we talked about last spring. First things first! If the landlord is not able to rebuild, Isaac will have to find new shop and studio space. 

Of course – as you can imagine - keeping Isaac whole is on my mind. A gofundme account has been set up for Isaac. If you’ve been one of the generous donors to that account, please let me thank you. It is amazing to me, and so reassuring, that woodworkers are generous and supportive of one another during adverse times.

Of course, if you need anything from Hock Tools, please let me know.

Ron Hock 
Hock Tools
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Q&A: A Woodworker's Question about Best Local Woods for Building Your Own Krenov Styled Wooden Handplane.
At Sharp & to The Point, we toggle our Q&A Issues between Ron Hock, who answers metal related questions, and Isaac Fisher, who answers woodworker related questions. 

You may know Isaac - yes, the same Isaac Ron wrote about in the greeting above -- from his helpful video about shaping planes to fit your hands, the article on how to use a scratch stock, the article on building a scraper plane, and other projects. Isaac comes from an architecture background and makes his living as woodworker and cabinetmaker. He either helps Ron design,or fully designs tools for Hock Tools, builds all of our kits, and is otherwise a total maven when it comes to working wood. 

This question from Oregon woodworker Kiko Denzer is definitely in Isaac Fisher territory: 

Q: if you had to make a plane from wood you could find in your own neighborhood, what would you use? (A "100 mile plane," if you will...) We have some (non-native) beech trees up here in OR -- or maybe our own Oregon White Oak?
Our thanks to woodworking bloggers Darnell Hagen and Derek Cohen of thewayIwood.blogspot.com.br and  inthewoodshop.com respectively, and to Mitch Roberson who writes about woodworking for Craftsy.
If you have not been to Handworks , you just may have something to look forward to. This unique woodworking handtool trade show sings choir to choir - toolmaker to woodworker - has gained so much popularity and interest, one must wonder what is going on out there in woodworker land. 2017 marks the third Handworks  biennial. Jameel Abrams from Benchcrafted and his brother, Father John Abrams came up with the idea of a trade show specifically designed for the small, independent woodworking handtool maker and woodworkers. Affordable to the little guy, no tilt-up slab hotel, no corporate needs breathing out a variety of corporate-type parameters. Simple, and in a barn with few amenities.

Unless you’ve been to The European Woodworking Show at Cressing Temple, Essex, England, there is nothing quite like Handworks. The Amana Colonies provide a certain je ne sais quoi! The Festhalle Barn, in which our booth will be located, was built in 1870; the village established not long before that. There is history - certainly a history of modest, utilitarian furnishings and buildings – in the Amana colonies, and Handworks not only honors that history and those traditions; it continues them through what contemporary woodworker passions and thirst for, knowledge and tools. 

So, come to Amana and say hi. You’ll be very glad you did. 

Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa!
Dan Westfall, of Westfall Woodcraft took this photograph of the jam-packed Festhalle Barn during Handworks 2015. Dan stood on what is now a bandstand for weddings and the like - Handworks' home to Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. In its center, Dan's photo catches Ron schmoozing with Dave Jeske. left, and a woodworker I'm sorry to say I do not recognize. - Linda at Hock Tools
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