August 1, 2019
The Society for Vascular Surgery’s Vascular Quality Initiative (SVS VQI) has awarded Stony Brook Medicine three stars for its active participation in the Registry Participation Program.
Multiple hummingbird species have adapted to high altitudes in the Andes Mountains through genetic mutations that affect the same biochemical pathways, a study by Stony Brook researchers finds.
At CEAS, we are educating the next generation of global innovators and entrepreneurs to affect change in areas critical to improving the human condition and sustaining humankind. Through our world-class faculty and the quality of our students, we reach across boundaries, break down barriers, and are inspired to ask important questions, pursue big ideas, explore and innovate. We are making science fiction come to life!   
Robert Harrison 's research is at the intersection of theoretical chemistry, computer science, and applied mathematics. While motivated by a long-standing interest in advancing the predictive capabilities of computational chemistry and its application to problems in many areas of research including sustainable energy technologies, he is interested in advancing computational science more broadly by enhancing the productivity, performance, and portability of scientific applications on modern computing technologies.
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