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April 2016
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Walk the Walk
We love that our staff is as active as they are. It helps to show our patients that our staff's understanding comes from a place of actually doing not just hearing. 

Marissa Parker- 
Club Sports Outreach Director, Certified Athletic Trainer, Exercise Physiologist, and soccer player.
(Pictured bottom right)

Marissa tries to " Walk  the  Walk " by maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. In the Spring and Fall, Marissa plays on an adult co-ed soccer league. To make sure she stays fit throughout the week and during her "off-season", Marissa enjoys strength training and recently has developed a love-hate relationship with Yoga (very similar to her love-hate relationship with the foam roller).  Marissa feels the best (emotionally, physically, and mentally) when she does something active 5-6 days/week.  "Consistency is key. I have seen the best results in strength gains, weight loss, and increases in endurance when I make a plan for my week and stick to it" she says.  She is also trying to use only almond milk in her coffee and she isn't always happy about it.

Read more of how our staff Walks the Walk in our upcoming newsletters!
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Biomechanics Evaluations
Mention this newsletter and get 10% of your biomechanics evaluation!

Are you trying to get faster? Stronger? 
Often times, lack of power or speed is not due to strength deficits but to miscues of your biomechanics. 

Our Physical Therapists will perform a full biomechanics evaluation specific to your needs. For instance, swimmers often lack the core, flexibility, and/or joint motion to perform skills properly. Biomechanics evaluations can be performed for any sport-specific need. 

We offer a $250 self-pay rate or in some cases we can bill through your insurance. 

Community Corner

Inspire School of Dance's Senior company has been invited to preform at the  Joyce Theater in New York City by Joe Lanteri for the NYCDAF College Scholarship benefit on April 18th!  Very proud to work with Inspire and see them giving back by raising money for this big event!


Check out Intent!

Thanks for hosting us last night as our owner Gina led a great injury prevention workshop!  They have an amazing facility where they have fitness classes year round.  For more information about Intent or to sign up for classes visit their website!


EndureIt! Ride and Tie

Sunday, April 24th

Ride and Tie is a sport combining running, riding, endurance and strategy!   Teams consist of two runners and one bike who complete a 4 or 8 mile trail course by "leapfrogging" one another.  For more information or to sign up please visit their  registration page. 


    Run the Ridge 5K/1K

Saturday, June 4th

Run the Ridge 5K and 1K Run/Walk is organized by Right Fit Sport Fitness Wellness, and designed for runners and walkers of all ages and fitness levels.  

Join over 600 race participants in the 12th year of this 5K/1K community event.  All net proceeds from both runs will benefit ProActive Kids (PAK), an organization assisting with childhood obesity.

 For more information or to sign up please visit their  registration page.


We now offer Saturday hours on select weeks at both clinics!   Please call your clinic to ask about availability.


CPR  re-certification and Certification
 classes now available! 

-BLS for the Healthcare provider
-Family & Friends CPR/Choking basics

Classes provided through 
American Heart Association 

Team/group discounts available. Email
for more details! 

Want to give your club a shout out ?  Let us know!
Steven Mayer, MD Northwestern Medicine Sports Medicine

How and why did you decide to choose your specialization?

I practice and am currently board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as Sports Medicine. I chose this area medicine predominantly because I strongly believe in exercise as the best medicine. I believe most injuries we see in orthopedics can be both prevented and treated with exercise-based care. Additionally, the majority of medical ailments can also be prevented and treated this way such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. The trend in our medical culture is to treat problems once they exist. My particular medical specialty lends itself well to educating patient's on how they can prevent future injuries and recurrences, as well as treat their injuries many times without interventions.

What sets you/your group apart from others in your field?

I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm better than my competitor's and/or colleagues. What I do promise my patients that I believe is unique, or at least rare, is that I will give them the identical advice that I would give to my own family member. I care deeply that we determine the correct diagnosis, obtain the most ideal treatment, and do whatever we can to return t the patient to full functional status. Additionally, I make certain that my patients are educated on all of the options with a focus on conservative exercise-based care options. We certainly discuss interventions such as injections in surgical options, but I also make sure they are fully educated that these options are rarely needed.
Read the rest of our Q&A with Dr Steven Mayer here.

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Biking- Elite or Beginner Weekender 

Gina Pongetti Angeletti, 
Physical Therapist and Owner

As the weather gets nicer, people are ready to return to the road. On wheels, that is! Whether you are riding with your children, a weekend group warrior, an Ironman Triathlete or a Cat 1 competitive rider, staying healthy is important. With aches and pains in your shoulders and spine, no riding- no matter how much or how long- is good!
Let's go over a few things for the riding season!
  • 5 ways to "spring clean" your bike
  • 5 ways to stay healthy while riding
Spring Cleaning!
If you have been riding this winter on your trainer or in classes, good for you! It's always good to double check these simple tips, too. If you are taking your bike out of it's winter hibernation, follow these steps to keep your bike safe, tuned, and ready to go!

1. Stopping is important. Make sure to check your brake pads, to make sure that they have not dried out. Often, people store their bikes in the garage or basement, sometimes cold and drying. They may not function properly, and therefore, not keep you safe. Taking your bike to a local bike shop/mechanic will ensure that they are checked, installed and ready to go!


2. Chain, Chain, Chain . Cleaning your chain used to be a grand event! Now, you have the options of taking it to a shop or buying easy-to-do chain cleaning kits. This makes it so that the chain does not rust, lasts longer, and shifts well. 


Gina is available for scheduling out of our Burr Ridge and Naperville Clinics:

7055 High Grove Blvd.
Burr Ridge, IL 60527
630 371 1623

1315 Macom Dr Suite 105
Naperville, IL 60564
630 369 8585

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